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Best game you have ever attended.

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  • Best game you have ever attended.

    Mine would have to be Giants hosting Broncos last year at the Meadowlands. Eli's gw drive and TD to Amani Toomer.

    It was about 25 out, sitting in the nosebleeds with 3 of my best friends, thousands of screaming fans, it was just incredible.

    That drive alone will always leave me hope in Eli Manning.

    what was your most memorable/exciting game?
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    Superbowl 38 i think the Patriots vs. Panthers in Houston that was a great game


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        Pats vs Colts in Foxboro opening day 2004 season.

        3rd row on the 46.

        Highlight of the game = Bruschi's redzone diving INT.


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          Philly @ GB on Monday Night Football the year GB won the Super Bowl. GB wooped their asses 39-13. 8) Any game at Lambeau Field is amazing though, I'd highly recommend experiencing it atleast once.
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            I was at the Sunday Night Football at Giants Stadium; final game of the 2004 season. Cowboys @ Giants. Tiki Barber scored the go ahead TD with only 1:38 remaining. Now, even though the Cowboys lost, I thought it was a good game.


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              The last Packer game at County Stadium against the Falcons. It also happened to be the first time in YEARS the Packers clinched the playoffs. It was also the game of Sterling Sharpe's injury. The game ended with Favre diving into the endzone for the go ahead score.
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                Even though it was a Preseason it was my 2 years ago i think Vikings vs Chargers. Being from New York and Driving 17 hours to see them it was a thrill. Also seeing Culpepper and LT and Brees. I was right next to the Tunnel so i saw them all come out.

                Best Regular Season game - Dolphins vs Bills, That rival is very fun to be around up there.

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                  the lions game vs the vikings in 2005, when that guy ran around with the fire millen sign, that was the only form of entertainment at ford field. all the other lions games i've been to have sucked. cause the lions suck


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                    I've only been to three games and one of them was preseason Pats/Cowboys game in the old Foxboro Stadium, so I'd have to go with this years Jaguars/Jets game by default since the Jags put up 42 points on them... although the Pats/Jags game was good too...


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                      EDIT- I put a baseball game...


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                        The only game I have been to is the Jets - Raiders game at the end of this regular season, which was great, bring on the London game!

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                          I was also at the Giants/Denver game when Eli beat Denver with only seconds left with a TD pass to Toomer. That was real exciting.

                          Also back in 2001, Seahawks played the Giants and Keri Collins led the Giants back on a late drive that went 96 yards to win.

                          Other than those two, I've been to quite a couple of games where the Giants beat the Cowboys, that is always great.


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                            Two games come to mind.

                            Shockey and Dawkins going up for a jump ball for the game winning TD....I assume you know who won the battle.

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                            These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.
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                              Haven't gone to many Giants games. I usually sit home with the family, all my brothers and cousins, and we all watch the game together on the big screen with lots of grub in front of us. We all get together for one day and act as homers together. Its fun times. More of a family gathering coupled with football.

                              Haven't really gone to any memorable games. I guess the infamous NO "home game" last year.

                              The panthers playoff game wouldve been the best had the Giants not gotten their ass kicked. :(



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