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  • Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
    You talked to everyone in the city about whether or not they care about football? USC has a huge following, so obviously they care about football.

    The Rams and Raiders didn't work b/c they were competing against themselves. I agree it's not like New York, but they could easily sustain one team. Easily.

    Umm, the Rams had LA all to themselves once the Raiders left and even then they couldn't survive.


    • Originally posted by eacantdraft View Post
      Have you ever been to Mexico City?
      I'm really not going to take much time to explain this to you, because you're flippant sarcastic attitude shows that you aren't going to listen anyway. But here are a few points.

      1)As pointed out by others, nobody uses the first world/third world dichotomy. Even economists don't use it anymore. It is a remnant of the Cold War to explain countries that were neither capitalistic or communist. It makes no sense to use it now.

      2)It also completely lacks nuance. As uneducated people like to use it now, it is in the creation of a rigid and bifurcated notion of modernity. A country is either modern or it's not, it's either progressive or it's not. Looking beyond the fact that nobody can truely define modern or progressive as they are historical constructions, such vague terms really mean nothing.

      3)You're not even talking about a country, you're talking about a city. Even using your outdated terms they don't apply. Is Alabama third world even though it's in the United States? Is Gary, Indiana or Flint, Michigan?

      Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.



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