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Best players 23 and under.

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  • Best players 23 and under.

    I've seen this done just for top 10 defence, so i thought i'd give it a go for both...there was far too many offensive players to narrow it down to i'm gonna do top 20. Players are elligable if they are under 24...I am only going to include players that have actually made an impact already i.e not Jamarcus Russel etc...Here goes:


    20- Marlin Jackson: Probably the most fishy pick ;)
    19- Justin Tuck: Underrated DE, is a monster...and should eventually take Michael Strahans throne in New York.
    18- LaRon Landry: Great physical attributes...tons of upside.
    17- Mathias Kiwanuka: Better suited as a DE, but still a great passrusher.
    16- Elvis Dumervill: Passrushing machine...but not much upside.
    15- Barrett Ruud: Tackling Machine...should only improve.
    14- Paul Posluzny: Was playing great before he got injured...tough, blue-coller player...should be solid for years to come.
    13- Omar Gaither: Vastly underrated player...deserves some props.
    12- AJ Hawk: All round good player, should be a pro-bowler for years.
    11- Tommie Harris: Great DT, could be higher than this..but AD's trashing of the Bears has lowered my rating of them.
    10- Luis Castillo: Prototypical 3-4 DE, solid against the run, and a good lane plugger.
    9- DeAngelo Hall: Great corner, great returner...not such a great team player.
    8- Amobi Okoye: A 19 year old pro...with great physical tools, miles of upside.
    7- Thomas Howard: Underrated linebacker...i don't know how much upside he's got...but he is more proven than some of the other 'backers
    6- Patrick Willis: Biggest playmaker for poor San Fran team...front runner for DPOY.
    5- Sean Taylor: Finally living up to expectations, great hitter...finally grew a pair of hands!
    4- Haloti Ngata: Tough, mean player...great in both the 3-4 and 4-3.
    3- Shawne Merriman: Elite Passrusher...not so good against the run or pass...but he is improving. He could easily be No1...but the 'roids put me off.
    2- Ernie Simms- Human fast as that crazy bit at the end of a washing cycle, tackles everything.
    1-Drum roll please........DEMECO RYANS!!!: One of the smartest players i have seen, diagnoses plays quicker than a greased shitsu...tackles everything, and he is still improving.

    Honerable mentions: David Harris, Anthony Smith, Antoine Bathea, Antonio Cromartie, Jon Beason. I missed of Kamerion Wimbley...he would be on that list somewhere.


    20- Derek Anderson: A player on target for 40 TD's can't be left off.
    19- Nick Mangold: Regardless of the Jets struggles, Mangold should be a great centre for years to come.
    18- Marques Colston: Was great last year, and is still good this year.
    17- Matt Leinart: Has all the tools to be a franchise QB, and with abit more coaching he could be great.
    16- Santonio Holmes: Has been solid for his first 2 seasons, and will only get better.
    15- Mo Jo Drew: Runs like a bowling ball, and is allways a threat to score.
    14- Marion Barber: Touchdown machine, runs with good power.
    13- Vince Young: Reigning OROY, great running threat...not proven as a passing QB.
    12- Reggie Bush: The prospect of the Millenium!...erm, i'm not concvinced.
    11- Vernon Davis: Could be the best TE prospect i've ever seen, physical beaster...allways injured
    10- Jay Cutler: Might be abit high...but i believe he has the oppertunity to be the next elite gunslinger.
    9- Frank Gore: Was a beast last year, thread running and recieving...but also injured.
    8- Calvin Johnson: The best WR prospect in the last decade, but still hasn't made much of an impact...Injured.
    7- Kellen Winslow: One of the best recieving tight ends in the league, will only get better.
    6- Larry Fitzgerald: Awsome reciever, one of the best in the league.
    5- Joseph Addai: Great young runner, good reciever aswell.
    4- Joe Thomas: Successfull teams start in the trenches, and Joe Thomas should be a pro-bowler for years to come.
    3- Steven Jackson: Physical specimen, when he's healthy...and got an O-Line, he is one of the best playmakers in the game.
    2- Braylon Edwards: As much as i don't like putting all these Brownies in here, i cant deny that Braylon is the next big thing at WR.
    1- Drum roll please...........ADRIAN PETERSON!!!: Awsome player, has allready taken LT's place as the most respected RB in the game... and is on pace to smash rookie running records. If he can stay healthy he will be one of the best backs in the league...if not the best.

    Honerable mentions: Tony Ugoh, Lendale White, Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings. I missed of Marshawn Lynch...he would definately fit in there somwhere.

    If your dissapointed that your team hasn't got many players on the list...dont worry it probably just means you've got better veterans :)

    p.s It took me ages to do please dont be hating if i missed some1 off...i really didnt mean to.
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    Marlin, Harris, and Braylon makin me proud =)
    I'm a state.


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      Shouldnt Anderson be top 5?

      Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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        A lot of those guys are 24 or older...


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          Originally posted by Moses View Post
          A lot of those guys are 24 or older...
          Who? (10 Char')


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            Originally posted by Jakey View Post
            Who? (10 Char')
            Braylon Edwards
            Sean Taylor
            Steven Jackson
            Marion Barber
            Frank Gore
            Kellen Winslow

            off the top of my head...


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              Tommie Harris is too. Hell, I would be surprised if even half those guys are 23 or under.


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                Originally posted by Jakey View Post
                Who? (10 Char')
                All the Cleveland guys, Fitz, Harris, plenty more

                Born in 83 = most likely over 23


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                  Brian Leonard is the best player ever, and he's 23 and under
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                  Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                  BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                    AJ Hawk>Omar Gaither


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                      Dang! Thats the last time i use fox sports as a reference...i looked through every teams rosters individually aswell. ****


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                        Originally posted by Eaglez.Fan View Post
                        AJ Hawk>Omar Gaither

                        am only going to include players that have actually made an impact already i.e not Jamarcus Russel etc...
                        Then why is Posluzny at 14?


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                          Your rankings are pretty wonky as well. Sean Taylor is easily the best defender on that list. Tommie Harris is way too low as well. Quite a bit I disagree with.


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                            Did you seriously put Omar Gaither over A.J. Hawk?


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                              Originally posted by Ewing View Post
                              Did you seriously put Omar Gaither over A.J. Hawk?
                              ...........No :D



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