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    my turn.

    as far as washington goes. imo playing for williams and grey is the very last thing nate wants to do. he hated that scheme and to date playing in that scheme is the reason many people doubt him and his abilities. id say it wasnt the scheme but the people that were running that scheme. dont count on nate wanting to play in washington.

    as far as the cover 2 is concerned with the bills and majority of other teams as well. yes the bills run a cover 2 as their base scheme BUT the bills did not run that scheme exclusively. after the break last season when the coaches had a chance to look more at tape from the 1st half of the season the bills changed a couple of things. the bills didnt run as much cover 2 as many people think, the bills actually made nate a lock down corner and had him locked on a teams number 1 reciever if he was worthy of that attention and the bills ran a fair amount of 44 which demands you have a solid cover corner.

    as far as nate being whatever ranked corner in the league. given nates age, size and ability the only corner that is hands down better than nate at this point in time is champ bailey. after this year there is good argument for hall but that is it. you have to look at the scheme a player is in because that scheme will tell you what a player is and isnt allowed to do. but more to the point, nate made a comment what 2 ... 3 years ago about his self worth and people found it somewhat offensive that he thought so highly of hisself. look at the corners around the league that have gotten serious money, as a player you look at them and say im better than him and im better than him. based on what they are getting i should be getting this. that is all that it was about. nate being paid on the same scale as his peers. nothing more nothing less. nate feels he is champ bailey type range because he feels he is that good and there is the argument that he actually could be that good.



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