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Jerry Reese Tampered??

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  • Jerry Reese Tampered??

    We have all heard the fact that Jerry Reese (GM of the Giants) was questioned and answered publicly that he had discussions about McGahee. The rules state that free agency period starts the 2nd of March and that teams are supposed to not have trade disccussions till then. Most teams still have "chats" within each other and the league usually looks the other way when it comes down to it... but thats because its all matter of factly and not out in the open.

    The rule is a team cannot say ANYTHING about another player from a different team that is under contract. Well this New GM has made a boo-boo and opened his mouth.

    Usually when files are charged nothing can really be proven and the league does nothing about it. Last year NE filed against the Jets and lost thier case about Deion Branch. But this is out and the open and documented..

    The only time I remember a team compensated for tampering was the Bill Belicheck, NE vs. Jets first round compensation.

    Does anyone know the rules in what compensation could be had or fined for the Giants, and do the Bills get a claim in compensation?
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    The rule is you are allowed to discuss trades with a team about a player under contract, but you can't say you are discussing it publicly. Which makes little sense. Trades happen all the time before FA starts. The blockbuster Portis/Bailey deal was all finished before FA started two years ago and everyone knew it. It was reported in every media outlet. You just have to wait until FA starts to make it official.


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      Eh, who cares.


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        I think it will only really stick if the Bills or McGahee's agent complains. The NFL could fine Reese, but I doubt this is a huge issue. McGahee probably wants to go to the Giants and NYC, so it doesn't matter.

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          o cmon seriously

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