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Fletcher-Baker to Redskins?

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  • Fletcher-Baker to Redskins?


    One of the hot rumors in Indy is that Bills linebacker London Fletcher already has struck a deal with the Washington Redskins.

    Fletcher, a nine-year veteran who has played with the Rams and the Bills, was believed to be a target of the Redskins and the Lions, and possibly others.

    Of course, even if the 'Skins and Fletcher have a deal, it doesn't mean that the arrangement is binding. Since any contact between a pending free agent and a different team is prohibited, there can be no binding contract at this point.

    Last year, it was widely believed that the Eagles had an agreement in principle with center LeCharles Bentley, who made a beeline for Cleveland once the free-agency period started.


    Personally, I don't mind this move, but he is definatly an upgrade over the smaller and slower Marshall. And I think that PFT is just starting up stuff because they know that the Redskins are targeting Fletcher.

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    Tampering charges?


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      Originally posted by Damix View Post
      Tampering charges?
      Based on a rumor? From PFT?


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        PFT is full of it, always trying to make a story out of something.


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          I'm sure almost every potential FA has been contacted by teams. We'll see come FA period how true this is.

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            Even if it's true, this is so typical of Daniel Snyder....trying for a quick fix via free agency.

            He'll eventually figure out that in this day and age, teams have to develop their own talent. Of course, by then they'll have traded away every draft pick until 2011.....


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              Originally posted by FloridaFootball View Post
              PFT is full of it, always trying to make a story out of something.
              i hate that site


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                As A Bills fan.. THE SKINS CAN HAVE HIM!!
                He is a great leader and a field general at that.. but he is not the solution at MLB and the Skins will find out once again. He is an acumulator in tackles. He tends to stay deep, and makes the tackles 6 yards after the line of scrimmage (most of the time taking the hit, other than giving it). He has a hard time shedding blockers like most undersized backers.

                Again, as a Bills fan, i wouldnt mind him on my team for leadership and veteran mentality.. but I would not overpay for him. He is going to get money from name alone, cause he is not the player he once was.

                The Bills do a GREAT job in letting big named veteran players go at the right time (excluding Pat Williams)

                Drew Bledsoe - just think the Cowboys fans tried to rub it in so much and that he was thier savior!

                Sam Adams - 10 tackles last year, ask any Bengals fans what they think of him

                Troy Vincent - cut this season

                Lawyer Milloy - hasnt played poorly for the falcons but he hasnt been himself, and they will be looking for his replacement this offseason.

                Jeff Posey - didnt make team


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                  Don't the Redskins already have a good MLB?


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                    redskins r turnin into the yankees of football. they try to buy their team and they cant do crap when the season starts. no chemistry. it really irrates me sometimes. i guess theyre scared that they would have to develop real talent rather than spendin a bunch of money on players who dotn do crap (ie adam archeleta and antwaan randle el also shawn springs and troy vincent). they should take a page outta the patriots or the steelers books where they dont need to get high priced free agents to win. i know everyone will agree with me includin the redskins fans. cuz they will suffer threw a long time of losin the way they r goin


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                      Eh, Sam Adams was hurt from the 3rd preseason game on... He wasn't horrendous but he said it really limited (I know he wasn't always the healthiest so that was part of why you all let him go I suppose). This year will tell if he was worth it or not, he did make some good plays.


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                        I hope this isn't true. I was hoping the Lions would get him.


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                          The redskins go nuts in FA? No way.

                          What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
                          they get smoked.

                          2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
                          Hint:Not the Bears.


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                            The Redskins are one stupid organization to continue this idiotic 'strategy' of signing free agents at a whim.


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                              PFT isn't as bad as it gets made out to be ... although sometimes, they do go overboard.

                              That said, this Fletcher-Baker rumor has been ongoing for awhile, and it wouldn't surprise me if it happened. I don't like it ... as I don't think he's a significant enough improvement over Lemar Marshall in the run to warrant spending big bucks (now, if he signs on the cheap, then yeah, solid move). I think Fletcher-Baker is an upgrade.

                              The interesting thing will be whether or not Washington can clear up money for Nate Clements. If signing Fletcher-Baker negates any chances of that, then poor move. If it has no impact, then signing for additional depth is fine.



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