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Top 10 Reasons Tom Brady is the Greatest QB Ever...

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  • Originally posted by Billingsley26 View Post
    Thank you. I couldnt have said it better myself. I find it very laughable. Brady has had one of the top 5 careers to this point in his career, and that is undeniable. You can say what you want, and nit pick here and there for this and that. But the bottom line is that he has the Super Bowls, the Super Bowl MVP's, the regular seasons MVP, the records for a QB, and the gaudy stats for a QB. Because he has won 3 SB., and lost one (that he didnt really cost his team) he is all of a sudden some average QB. This really is laughable.

    All of a sudden Peyton Manning has gone over the edge as a QB because he won ONE SB. Yet other years he could seen as the one who cost them games in the playoffs (not saying he did, but he could be one). Really doesnt make sense to me. No one on this site makes sense. It is really stupid and laughable.
    Thats the point most are arguing.. what did you say?

    "Brady has had one of the top 5 careers to This point"

    The OP said he's the GOAT.

    He's not there yet.

    But put the analysis on the other foot. This is the criticism the losing QB gets. Ben Roethlisberger gets this every game we lose. He has had the worst OL in the NFL By far. 47 sacks and we went 10-6.

    Peyton Manning got called a choker big time on this board after his 2005 loss to the Steelers. He got the crap kicked out of him in similar fashion. Porter, Farrior, Haggans, Keisel and Hampton all played in the backfield all game.

    Who choked? The OL? No people mocked him for throwing his OL under the bus for saying "The protection wasn't there". It wasn't. But he was still labled the choker.

    I find it funny that when the Pats are winning he's doing it singlehandedly, he's the GOAT, but Pats fans can't take criticism when their team loses and the QB gets the blame.. LIKE EVERY OTHER FREAKIN QB.

    Brady isn't impervious to criticism just like no QB is perfect. He had a very flawed game.

    I'm using Steelers examples because thats who I've seen the most.

    Honestly watching the Superbowl.. The Patriots line looked like the Steelers OL EVERY Game. Brady had to deal with pressure 1 game this season and he played bad.

    He threw nearly 50 times. Completing a little over half. He routinely overshot all his long balls, or underthrew them. He was quite erratic. Especially in the second half. Even his routine out and short passes weren't on the money.

    It's just a part of the game and I don't see why everyone thinks he's exempt from this.

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    • Originally posted by Ness View Post
      Whether you think I'm wrong is still your opinion. Just like you're thinking it's not an ethics debate. That's an opinion too. I think you misunderstood my post. I never said people in other places don't like to see others fail. You're trying to make an argument where one doesn't exist.
      It isn't an ethics debate because neither of us is saying whether it is right or wrong. I think you need to understand what an opinion is.
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      • Why did you resurrect this thread? Just let it die.

        The problem arises when people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support instead of illumination.

        If luck is where preparation meets opportunity, then clutch is where failure meets luck.

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        • Honestly, I just can't give a **** anymore. I'm tired of getting worked up about this nonsense.

          Just sit back and enjoy watching players while you can, I say.
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