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Carey to be first black referee in Super Bowl

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    Originally posted by duckseason View Post
    If I were him, and this were how my name was mentioned, I'd be pretty pissed. Does anybody else find it odd that we still put up with this crap? I mean, whether the lines are drawn in a negative or positive spirit doesn't matter; the lines are still being drawn either way. Seems awful hypocritical. Seems like whenever the subject of race comes up in the media, most people fail to recognize how stupid we sound as a society. I was watching a big-stage event the other day, and couldn't believe what I was hearing from these people who presented themselves as highly-educated leaders. It was all "us" and "them" and all this nonsense that drew ignorantly enthusiastic applause.

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      Unfortunately he is an atrocious referee. I can't remember the last game I saw him in where one team didn't get boned. I can't stand when him or the two really old refs are doing the Rams game.

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        about time the superbowl gets a good ref


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          is carey the guy who called the phantom hold on webster in the giants/pats gm week 17

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            Would've been cool to see him call last year's game.



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