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Dre Bly to Denver ??????

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    i dont want bly, because foxworth is better when you consider the skill:money ratio...

    besides i would rather shop for someone else and trade up in the draft..

    wHY IS DENVER IN ALL These talks??


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      You know how Shanahan is, take any other team's veteran cast offs and try to make it work
      I remember: Sean Taylor



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        that's how shanahan is? oh right, you're going to point to the browns defensive line as if that's indicative of his career.

        "cast-offs" denver has taken since shanahan came to town:

        champ bailey
        gary zimmerman
        mark schlereth
        tony jones
        alfred williams
        neil smith
        michael dean perry
        ed mccaffrey
        javon walker
        howard griffith
        ian gold
        john lynch

        and that's with about 12.3 seconds of thought. my assumption is that the only examples you have are plummer and the browns line.


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          Originally posted by SanFran View Post

          Possibly be a 3rd rounder and a play or two
          Come on Detroit . . . 3rd rounder and Denver's offensive line!
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            I don't know what you guys mean who are implying that Bly is too expensive for the Broncos, he's under contract for '07 at $4.5m, that's a very reasonable number compared to what teams are going to have to spend to get a FA corner these days.

            Now, if a team is going to insist upon having an extension worked out with Bly before making the trade, then that could get expensive, but that's a different story.

            Bly would not be any part of a "best D-backfield in NFL history," though, I mean come on. He's poor in zone, average in man coverage, and gets burned deep. He does make plays though, he knows when to jump routes or come off his man to go after a pass thrown to someone else.

            Personally, I am praying the Lions can get anything of good value for him, a thrid-rounder and a player would be great. I'd take Denver's third and Tatum Bell so fast it would make your head spin.


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              I wonder if Tatum Bell might be included in the deal. Bell is a productive, experienced back with only one year remaining on his rookie contract, which would serve the Lions well given that Kevin Jones might not return to form in 2007, and Bell would be even faster playing in the dome.
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                Originally posted by niel89 View Post
                Adam Schefter is a rumor monger :)

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