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NFL Owners to opt out of CBA?

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    Players make the revenue. They are what drives the juggernaut called the NFL. They should get as much of the money THEY make as possible.

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      The NFL CBA is fine how it is. Only change that I can see that would be beneficial to the league would be some form of scaled rookie contracts, like the NBA has.

      You look at the other sports...

      MLB - Same teams year in year out dominate because of no cap.
      NBA - The soft cap is even worse than no cap, it allows stupid owners and GMs to effectively screw a team for the future. Also, fully guaranteed contracts are a joke. They mean it only takes 1 Scott Layden or Isiah Thomas and the team has no chance for 5 years.

      The NFL has it right, no guaranteed contracts, a hard cap, parity, revenue sharing. It is just spot on, anyone who doesn't see this, be they player or owner, has been blinded by greed. Any fan who doesn't see it should go and watch a Knicks game or two.

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        The NFL has guaranteed money in contracts. In fact, it is one of the tools that teams with more monetary resources use to somewhat exploit the cap system. Teams like the Redskins can afford to make their player contracts heavier with guaranteed money particularly in the form of signing bonus, which gives them and teams like them an edge when signing free agents (A team like the Bills won't be able to match some signing bonuses), and it also can even make the cap impact lower since signing bonus is prorated. Of course this can back fire if the player busts making him harder to get rid of, but it's getting easier and easier these days for teams to fit under the cap with the recent cap spikes so such tactics aren't seemingly punished easily.

        So more money still plays a role even in the current NFL, just not as much as the MLB obviously, but no cap could certainly change that. Remember though, the NFL was still a great league before the cap and drafting is still king (which every team can do), so it probably won't be a huge issue, just a disappointment IMO as the NFL has the best sports salary cap system in the world bar none, and I don't want to see it go.



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