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Fitzgerald says he would play for Eagles IF trade develops?

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    The best situation for Larry Fitzgerald would be to give him about a 3 year extension (so lock him up for 5 years), turn a lot of the base salary into signing bonus (total of between $20 and $30 million) and base salaries between 2-4 million. Whether that's in Arizona that it happens or when/if someone trades for him.

    Oldie but a goodie.


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      Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
      Im a big Fitz fan myself, but don't you think we're overreacting to how good he is? There are a lot of WRs in this league that have proved a hell of a lot more than Fitz has. In fact, Boldin, his own teammate has outperformed him.

      I think too often we let our bias from the combine, and college accomplishments stand in the way and blur what one's true worth is at the NFL level. Fitz is a great WR, but he hasn't done anything for me to believe that he's a top 5 WR in this league.

      Can he get to that point? Sure he can. But he's definately not there yet. You gotta prove it first. He hasn't proved anything yet.
      I mostly agree, but what he has accomplished by age 24 is at the very least immensly promising. If I were picking wide receivers for a team, he may very well be in the top 5 receivers (although his salary may be more than a bit out of control).


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        I'd hate to see him get traded period but to the Eagles?! The Eagles can shove it. He needs to stay in Arizona or go to Green Bay!



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