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Worst 1st Round Picks?

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  • Worst 1st Round Picks?

    Who has the worst First Round picks?

    The Dolphins?

    2007 - Ted Ginn Jr.
    2006 - Jason Allen
    2005 - Ronnie Brown
    2004 - Vernon Carey
    2003 - no pick
    2002 - no pick
    2001 - Jamar Fletcher
    2000 - no pick
    1999 - no pick
    1998 - John Avery
    1997 - Yatil Green
    1996 - Daryl Gardener
    1995 - Billy Milner
    1994 - Tim Bowens
    1993 - O.J. McDuffie

    Who do u think?

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    The Bengals

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      I am not saying the Bears are the worst, but they have had there share of bad 1st Round picks.

      6. Mark Carrier, S, USC

      22. Stan Thomas, OT, Texas

      22. Alonzo Spellman, DE, Ohio State

      7. Curtis Conway, WR, USC

      11. John Thiery, DE, Alcorn State

      21. Rashaan Salaam, RB, Colorado

      13. Walt Harris, CB, Mississippi State

      No Pick

      5. Curtis Enis, RB, Penn State

      12. Cade McNown, QB, UCLA

      9. Brian Urlacher, LB, New Mexico

      8. David Terrell, WR, Michigan

      29. Marc Colombo, OT, Boston College

      14. Michael Haynes, DE, Penn State
      22. Rex Grossman, QB, Florida

      14. Tommie Harris, DT, Oklahoma

      4. Cedric Benson, RB, Texas

      No Pick

      31. Greg Olsen, TE, Miami

      Aside from Walt Harris, Conway, Urlacher, Tommie Harris all of the other picks were bad, with the exception being Colombo who was just never healthy in Chicago. One year is too little time to give a grade on Olsen.

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        07- Leon Hall
        06- Johnathan Joseph
        05- David Pollack - done for career probably
        04- chris perry... weak sauce
        03- Palmer jackpot.
        02- Levi Jones- great
        01- Justin Smith- a very average player to be a top 5 pick
        00- Peter Warrick- garbage
        99- Akili Smith- we all know
        98- Takeo Spikes- good pick
        98- Brian Simmons- another good pick
        97- Reinard Wilson- man he was horrible
        96- Willie Anderson- great pick
        95- Ki-Jana Carter. big time bust
        94- Dan Wilkinson- not a first overall player
        93- John Copeland- injured all the time. weak.


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          Ki-Jana Carter was repeatedly bitten by the injury bug.

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            Please the Lions are kings of bad 1st round picks

            2007 Calvin Johnson (jury still out)
            2006 Ernie Sims (good)
            2005 Mike Williams (Is he even still in the league)
            2004 Roy Williams (Great player)
            Kevin Jones (injury prone)
            2003 Charles Rogers (No longer in league)
            2002 Joey Harrington (Joke of the league)
            2001 Jeff Backus (Still on team but nothing special)
            2000 Stockar McDougle (Who?)
            1999 Chris Claiborne (Decent but not great)
            Aaron Gibson (Who?)
            1998 Terry Fair
            1997 Bryant Westbrook (decent but not extraordinary)
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            Originally posted by njx9
            oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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              Will all due respect gentleman, disregarding recent success at the top of the draft,The jets are and shall forever be the kings of ineptitude when it comes to the old first round picks...just look


              Chris Berman's quote is priceless; "as a jets season ticket holder, I'm gonna Boo." Sorry jets fans, this is really hard to watch.
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                why would u draft a FB in the first?


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                  Originally posted by Renji View Post
                  why would u draft a FB in the first?
                  Haha and welcome to the pain that is being a jets fan; my uncles refuse to watch the draft to this day and everytime i bring up Mangold or Revis or Leon, they basically say either they got lucky, theyll get hurt or even a blind dog finds a bone etc.

                  The picks aren't even the most upsetting part, it's who we passed up instead...Marino stands our extremely clear in my mind!

                  "When it's third and ten, you can take the milk drinkers and I'll take the whiskey drinkers every time."


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                    I dont know if it's the worst but the Packers havent been the best, especially from 89-01.

                    2007 Justin Harrell (too early, hasnt shown anything so far)
                    2006 A.J. Hawk (good pick)
                    2005 Aaron Rodgers (hasnt had a chance to show anything)
                    2004 Ahmad Carroll (I hate Mike Sherman)
                    2003 Nick Barnett (good pick)
                    2002 Javon Walker (good pick)
                    2001 Jamal Reynolds (nothing like trading up for a complete bust)
                    2000 Bubba Franks (nothing special)
                    1999 Antwan Edwards (bad pick)
                    1998 Vonnie Holliday (decent pick but didnt do that much for the Pack)
                    1997 Ross Verba (same as Holliday)
                    1996 John Michels (bad pick)
                    1995 Craig Newsome (never that good)
                    1994 Aaron Taylor (decent til he got hurt)
                    1993 Wayne Simmons (decent pick)
                    George Teague (decent pick)
                    1992 Terrell Buckley (didnt do much for the Pack but a good pick I guess)
                    1991 Vinnie Clark (no idea who he is)
                    1990 Tony Bennett (bad pick)
                    Darrell Thompson (horrible pick)

                    and finally...

                    1989 Tony Mandarich (possibly the worst pick ever considering some guy named Barry Sanders was available)
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                      **** Jonathan Sullivan


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                        Denver has nothing to be proud about... well, except Cutler.

                        2007 - Jarvis Moss (voted most likely to have a career ending injury)
                        2006 - Jay Cutler (yeah!)
                        2005 -
                        2004 - D.J. Williams
                        2003 - George Foster
                        2002 - Ashley Lelie (serves us right for drafting a guy named "Ashley")
                        2001 - Willie Middlebrooks
                        2000 - Deltha O'Neal
                        1999 - Al Wilson (career ended by injury... or is it?)
                        1998 - Marcus Nash
                        1997 - Trevor Pryce
                        1996 - John Mobley (career ended by injury)
                        1995 - Jamie Brown
                        1994 - Allen Aldridge
                        1993 - Dan Williams
                        1992 - Tommy Maddox
                        1991 - Mike Croel
                        1990 - Alton Montgomery


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                          Been great lately, but from 1994-2000 the San Diego Chargers only kept one first round pick and they used it on a guy named Ryan Leaf..


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                            2007-Robert Meachem (Wasn't activated one game this year)
                            2006-Reggie Bush (Can you say BUST?)
                            2005-Jammal Brown (Overrated IMO)
                            2004-Will Smith
                            2003- **** Johnathan Sullivan
                            2002-Donte' Stallworth/Charles Grant
                            2001-Deuce McAllister
                            2000-No Pick
                            1999-Ricky Williams
                            1998-Kyle Turley
                            1997-Chris Naeole
                            1996-Alex Molden
                            1995-Mark Fields
                            1994-Joe Johnson
                            1993-William Roaf/Irv Smith
                            1992-Vaughn Dunbar
                            1991-No Pick
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                              I'm noticing a trend here...the Jaguars are the recent kings of first round stupidness...

                              2007- Reggie Nelson (good rookie season)
                              2006- Marcedes Lewis (becoming a good TE)
                              2005- Matt Jones (stupid)
                              2004- Reggie Williams (showing signs of life)
                              2003- Byron Leftwich (Bust)
                              2002- John Henderson (Great pick)
                              2001- Marcus Stroud (Great pick)
                              2000- R.J. Soward (could be one of the worst picks....ever)
                              1999- Fernando Bryant (awful pick)
                              1998- Donovan Darius (an ok pick)
                              Fred Taylor (should be a HOFer at some pick in franchise)
                              1997- Renaldo Wynn (an ok pick)
                              1996- Tony Boselli (second best pick in franchise history)
                              James Stewart (was a good player for a while)



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