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Saints DE Charles Grant stabbed in the neck...

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  • Saints DE Charles Grant stabbed in the neck...

    POSTED 11:54 a.m. EST, February 3, 2008


    Eight years after an infamous Super Bowl night stabbing in Atlanta, there's been another knife incident involving an NFL player.

    This time around, however, the player was on the wrong end of the blade.

    According to Adam Schefter of NFL Network, Saints defensive end Charles Grant was stabbed in the neck during a Saturday night fight in an Atlanta nightclub. A woman was shot and killed during the melee.

    Grant is expected to be okay, but police will want to interview Grant, if they haven't already, regarding the events that ultimately claimed a woman's life.

    More details are expected to come in as the day unfolds.
    Hope he's ok...

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    wow ya i hope he is too.


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      Man that sounds nasty! I wish him luck!


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        I'm sick of hearing about this stuff, I'm sure he didn't start anything but players from tough neighborhoods need to stay out of these places. Go to a club where you know you will be safe.
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          That sucks. Hope he gets better. Athletes are seem like they are targets a real lot now a days.

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            has there ever been good news revolving around a nightclub?

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              They probably shouldn't let NFL players go to Atlanta.


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                get well man... good luck
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                  Man this is a big lost for us I hope he gets better very soon......

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                    Who would want to start a fight with Grant anyway or any NFL player?


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                      Damn thats hardcore. In the neck? I wonder how far the knife went in?


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                        Originally posted by Thunder&Lightning View Post
                        Who would want to start a fight with Grant anyway or any NFL player?
                        A lot of people, they probably see it as an easy way to get money. You start the fight, he ends it, you make out in court. Its a stupid idea, but there are a lot of stupid people out there.


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                          Hope he's okay.
                          Athletes have been targeted a lot recently.

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                            Originally posted by sodar21 View Post
                            They probably shouldn't let NFL players go to Atlanta.

                            Brett Favre owes us so much...


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                              well since no one else cares, RIP to that woman and i hope her family can over come this. Its like the news, you never hear about black people unless its gangs n murders. it sickens me the fact that just cause she wasnt famous her life has no meaning, show some respect, even if they cant hear it



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