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Gregg Williams hired as Jags DC...

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    Originally posted by JagHombre22 View Post
    do you think that's more due to the personnel Williams had to work with...he didn't exactly have stud linebackers and a big front four....
    Our LB core was above average most of the season and we had pretty good DB's he just made them have a huge cushion and it was annoying.
    RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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      well, we have cover corners that are pretty good, and our safety's are just I think we'll be alright...he's one of the best in the league as far as D-Coordinators go...


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        It's official:

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            Did Williams use his personnel as best as he could? Probably not. But he did coach that Skins defense into being a top 10 unit with an injury to McIntosh, the tragic death of Taylor, an aging #1 CB, a disappointing CB in Rogers (thus far), an aging Marcus Washington, and no credible pass rusher other than Carter, who isn't that great to begin with.

            Not bad, don't ya think?

            I loved his blitzing scheme, but even when he went into his Cover 2 scheme, he got results when he had decent players.

            I think as long as he can check his ego at the door (big question mark), he'll be fine.



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