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    Originally posted by Chief49er View Post
    He only played with the Niners for one year, I know he is the best CB ever... But he really wasnt a 49er IMO.
    Right. Well, we may have not had our fifth ring if it wasn't for him.

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    Originally posted by Borat
    Oh, my bad. Didn't realize SWDC was the pinnacle of class and grace.


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      K: ****... I dont know. lol
      Ummm, hello? Ray Wersching? That guy was money in the post season.

      And to the guy that listed Cofer, why would you list the guy that almost lost us a super bowl(bengals, montana had to make the comeback)?


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        Originally posted by Chief49er View Post
        He only played with the Niners for one year, I know he is the best CB ever... But he really wasnt a 49er IMO.
        I'm sorry.. Call me a homer, but Rod Woodson > Deion Sanders.

        Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]


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          Coach: Tony Dungy

          QB: Johnny Unitas
          QB: Peyton Manning
          RB: Edgerrin James
          RB: Eric Dickerson
          FB: Alan Ameche
          FB: Tony Lorick
          WR: Marvin Harrison
          WR: Raymond Berry
          WR: Reggie Wayne
          TE: John Mackey
          LT: Tarik Glenn
          LG: no clue
          C: Jeff Saturday
          RG: no clue
          RT: Jim Parker

          DE: Gino Marchetti
          DE: Dwight Freeney
          DT: Art Donovan
          DT: Tony Siaragusa
          OLB: Ted Hendricks
          OLB: Duane Bickett
          MLB: Mike Curtis
          CB: Bobby Boyd
          CB: Milt Davis
          CB: Ray Buchanan
          FS: Andy Nelson
          SS: Bob Sanders

          K: Adam Vinatieri
          P: Hunter Smith?
          KR/PR: Clarence Verdin

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            RB - Barry Sanders

            that's about it.

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            I remember NFLDC
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              Coach: Bobby Ross
              GM: AJ Smith

              QB: Dan Fouts
              RB: Ladainian Tomlinson
              FB: Lorenzo Neal
              WR: Lance Alworth
              WR: Gary Garrison
              TE: Kellen Winslow
              OL: Don Macek
              OL: Russ Washington
              OL: Nick Hardwick
              OL: Doug Wilkerson
              OL: Ed White

              DE: Raylee Johnson
              DT: Jamal Williams
              DE: Luis Castillo
              LB: Shawne Merriman
              LB: Junior Seau
              LB: Donnie Edwards
              LB: Chuck Allen
              DB: Rodney Harrison
              DB: Dick Harris
              DB: Gill Byrd
              DB: Quentin Jammer

              K: John Carney
              P: Mike Scrifes
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                Originally posted by Splat420 View Post
                Kansas City Chiefs

                Owner - Lamar Hunt, Founder, Kansas City Chiefs

                Coach - Pro Football Hall of Fame: Hank Stram

                QB - Len Dawson (HOF)
                HB - Priest Holmes
                FB - Tony Richardson
                WR - Otis Taylor
                WR - Dwayne Bowe
                TE - Tony Gonzalez (Duh)

                OT - Wille Roaf
                OG - Brain Waters
                C - Tim Grunhard
                OG - Will Shields
                OT - John Alt

                DE - Jared Allen
                DT - JUNIOUS (BUCK) BUCHANAN (HOF)
                DT - Dan Saleaumua
                DE - Neil Smith

                LB - BOBBY BELL (HOF)
                LB - Willie Lanier (HOF)
                LB - Derrick Thomas

                CB - Emmitt Thomas
                CB - Albert Lewis
                FS - Johnny Robinson
                SS - Deron Cherry

                K - Jan Stenerud (HOF)
                P - Jerrel Wilson

                KR - Dante Hall

                FYI some players made my list out of my respect for them not for being the best.
                Agree completely with that list


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                  Originally posted by sup3rdup3r View Post
                  Ummm, hello? Ray Wersching? That guy was money in the post season.

                  And to the guy that listed Cofer, why would you list the guy that almost lost us a super bowl(bengals, montana had to make the comeback)?
                  yeah that was all on Cofer, that's why they had to comeback, it wasn't the bad Randy Cross snap to force an no good field goal from 19 yards out, or Roger Craigs fumble, Harry Sydney's botched toss from Montana, allowing a kick return for a TD, the bad penalty that put them on the 8 during the kick off, nope despite the whole teams bad performance that game coming down to the wire lies squarely on Cofer right? I mean it could have been a blowout because the niners were so damn good that day, they were error free.


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                    All-Time Dallas Cowboys

                    Coach - Tom Landry (1960-1988)

                    QB - Roger Staubach (1969-1979)
                    QB - Troy Aikman (1989-2000)
                    RB - Emmitt Smith (1990-2002)
                    RB - Tony Dorsett (1977-1987)
                    FB - Daryl Johnston (1989-1999)
                    WR - Michael Irvin (1988-1999)
                    WR - Drew Pearson (1973-1983)
                    WR - Bob Hayes (1965-1974)
                    WR - Tony Hill (1977-1986)
                    TE - Jay Novacek (1990-1996)
                    TE - Jason Witten (2003-pres)
                    OT - Rayfield Wright (1967-1979)
                    OT - Erik Williams (1991-1999)
                    OT - Pat Donovan (1975-1983)
                    OG - Larry Allen (1994-2005)
                    OG - John Niland (1966-1974)
                    OG - Nate Newton (1986-1998)
                    C - Mark Stepnoski (1989-1994,1999)
                    C - John Fitzgerald (1971-1980)

                    DE - Ed "Too Tall" Jones (1974-1978,1980-1989)
                    DE - Harvey Martin (1973-1983)
                    DE - Charles Haley (1992-1996)
                    DE - DeMarcus Ware (2005-pres)
                    DT - Bob Lilly (1961-1974)
                    DT - Randy White (1975-1985)
                    DT - Leon Lett (1991-2000)
                    LB - Chuck Howley (1961-1973)
                    LB - Lee Roy Jordan (1963-1976)
                    LB - Dat Nguyen (1999-2005)
                    LB - Dexter Coakley (1997-2004)
                    LB - D.D. Lewis (1969,1970-1981)
                    CB - Deion Sanders (1995-1999)
                    CB - Mel Renfro (1964-1977)
                    CB - Everson Walls (1981-1989)
                    CB - Terence Newman (2003-pres)
                    S - Charlie Waters (1970-1981)
                    S - Darren Woodson (1992-2003)
                    S - Cliff Harris (1970-1979)
                    S - Cornell Green (1962-1972)

                    SPECIAL TEAMS
                    P - Mike Saxon (1985-1992)
                    K - Rafeal Septein (1978-1986)
                    PR - Bob Hayes (1965-1974)
                    KR - Mel Renfro (1964-1977)
                    ST - Bill Bates (1983-1997)
                    LS - Dale Hellestrae (1990-2000)


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                      I wanna thank Chief49er who created a great thread idea even though it has been done before, these are always fun to look at.

                      And I wanna thank the 5 or 6 guys that gave me +rep it took me about 2 and 1/2 hours to make my list and add pics and historic info. I could've done a lot more though lol. Probably the most I got for one post so I feel appreciated.
                      I remember: Sean Taylor



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                        Originally posted by Dam8610 View Post
                        QB: Johnny Unitas
                        Oh no you didn't! He's property of Baltimore!!!1!!111!one

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                          Eagles -

                          HC - Andy Reid

                          QB - Donovan McNabb
                          RB - Brian Westbrook
                          RB - Steve Van Buren
                          FB - Keith Byars
                          WR - Harold Carmichael
                          WR - Tommy McDonald
                          WR - Mike Quick
                          TE - Pete Pihos
                          LT - William Thomas
                          LG - Wade Key
                          C - Chuck Bednarik
                          RG - Shawn Andrews
                          RT - Jon Runyan

                          DE - Reggie White
                          DT - Jerome Brown
                          DT - Charlie Johson
                          DE - Clyde Simmons
                          OLB - Seth Joyner
                          MLB - Chuck Bednarik
                          OLB - Alex Wojciechowicz
                          CB - Eric Allen
                          FS - Brian Dawkins
                          SS - Andre Watters
                          CB - Troy Vincent

                          K - David Akers
                          P - Sean Landeta
                          KR - Timmy Brown
                          PR - Brian Mitchell
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                            Vikings All-Time Team

                            QB:Fran Tarkenton
                            RB:Chuck Foreman
                            RB:Robert Smith
                            FB:Bill Brown
                            WR:Cris Carter, Ahmad Rashad
                            WR:Randy Moss, Anthony Carter
                            TE:Steve Jordan
                            LT:Gary Zimmerman
                            LG:Randall McDaniel
                            C:Mick Tinglehoff
                            RG:Steve Hutchinson
                            RT:Ron Yary

                            RDE:Jim Marshall
                            DT:Alan Page
                            DT:John Randle
                            LDE:Carl Eller
                            OLB:Matt Blair
                            MLB:Jeff Siemon
                            OLB:Roy Winston
                            CB:Earsell Mackbee, Bobby Bryant
                            FS:Paul Krause
                            SS:Joey Browner
                            CB:Ed Sharockman, Antione Winfield

                            PK:Fred Cox
                            Coach:Bud Grant

                            Fran Tarkenton with Cris Carter and Randy Moss at WR would be Amazing.


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                              Baltimore Ravens All-Time Team

                              Owner: Art it back Art please!!!!
                              Head Coach: Brian Billick

                              QB: Vinny Testaverde
                              RB: Jamal Lewis
                              FB: Sam Gash
                              WR: Derrick Anderson
                              WR: Derrick Mason
                              TE: Todd Heap
                              OT: Jonathan Ogden
                              OG: Edwin Mulitalo
                              C: Jeff Mitchell
                              OG: Wally Williams
                              OT: Orlando Brown

                              DE: Michael McCrary
                              DT: Tony Siragusa
                              DT: Kelly Gregg
                              DE: Rob Burnett
                              OLB: Jamie Sharper
                              MLB: Ray Lewis
                              OLB: Peter Boulware
                              CB: Chris McAlister
                              FS: Rod Woodson
                              SS: Ed Reed
                              CB: Samari Rolle

                              K: Matt Stover
                              P: Sam Koch
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                                HC: Bill Belichick

                                QB: Tom Brady / Steve Grogan / Drew Bledsoe
                                RB: Curtis Martin / Sam Cunningham / Jim Nance
                                WR: Troy Brown / Stanley Morgan / Irving Fryar / Gino Capiletti
                                TE: Ben Coates / Marv Cook
                                OT: Bruce Armstrong / Leon Gray
                                OG: John Hannah / Sam Adams
                                C: Jon Morris / Damien Woody

                                DE: Julius Adams / Bob Dee
                                DT: Jim Lee Hunt / Richard Seymour
                                OLB: Andre Tippet / Willie McGinnest
                                ILB: Steve Nelson / Tedy Bruschi / Nick Buoniconti
                                CB: Mike Haynes / Ty Law / Ronnie Lippett
                                S: Fred Marion / Lawyer Milloy

                                K: Adam Vinatieri
                                P: Tom Tupa
                                KR: Kevin Faulk
                                PR: Troy Brown



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