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    Originally posted by EdReedUnstoppable View Post
    Baltimore Ravens All-Time Team

    Owner: Art it back Art please!!!!
    Head Coach: Brian Billick

    QB: Vinny Testaverde
    RB: Jamal Lewis
    FB: Sam Gash
    WR: Derrick Anderson
    WR: Derrick Mason
    TE: Todd Heap
    OT: Jonathan Ogden
    OG: Edwin Mulitalo
    C: Jeff Mitchell
    OG: Wally Williams
    OT: Orlando Brown

    DE: Michael McCrary
    DT: Tony Siragusa
    DT: Kelly Gregg
    DE: Rob Burnett
    OLB: Jamie Sharper
    MLB: Ray Lewis
    OLB: Peter Boulware
    CB: Chris McAlister
    FS: Rod Woodson
    SS: Ed Reed
    CB: Samari Rolle

    K: Matt Stover
    P: Sam Koch
    Derrick Anderson the quarterback might be ahead of Vinny Testaverde despite not getting 1 snap.


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      I'll give this a shot for the Bucs

      Tampa Bay Buccaneers All Time Roster

      QB: Trent Dilfer/ Brad Johnson
      RB: Warrick Dunn/ Ricky Bell
      FB: Mike Alstott
      WR: Keyshawn Johnson/ Reidel Anthony/ Mark Carrier
      TE: Jerry Bell/ Ken Dilger
      OG: Ian Beckles
      OC: Jeff Christy

      DE: Lee Roy Selmon/ Simeon Rice/ Chidi Ahanotu
      DT: Warren Sapp/ Brad Culpepper/ John Cannon
      OLB: Derrick Brooks
      CB: Ronde Barber/ Donnie Abraham/ Brian Kelly
      S: John Lynch, Mark Cotney/ Cedric Brown

      K: Martin Gramatica
      P: Josh Bidwell
      KR/PR: Micahel Spurlock :p

      I feel horrible, but thats all I could get <_<
      Gamertag: OnABoat16 (Games: NCAA 10, NHL 10, Tiger Woods 10)

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        Originally posted by TimDris View Post
        Yeah that's why I put Ronnie Lott on an honorable mention list. Because no doubt he was one of the best to wear a Jets uniform, but accomplished his major achievements in a 9ers one.
        My philosophy is that, when considering people on the list, you should only count how good he was when he was on your team.


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          Originally posted by kalbears13 View Post
          Derrick Anderson the quarterback might be ahead of Vinny Testaverde despite not getting 1 snap.
          No, Vinny went to the Pro Bowl and put up good numbers for 2 years with us. Anderson is a 1 year fluke.
          HALL OF FAMER!

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            My Team= 49ers

            Coach: Bill Walsh

            QB: Joe Montana (hof)
            QB: Steve Young (hof)
            RB: Frank Gore
            RB: Ricky Watters
            FB: Joe Perry (hof)
            WR: #80 Jerry Rice (hof)
            WR: #81 Terrell Owens
            TE: #84 Brent Jones

            LT: Joe Staley (future hof)
            LG: Larry Allen
            C: Randy Cross
            RG:Guy McIntyre
            RT: Harris Barton

            DE: Charles Haley
            DE: Fred Dean (hof)
            DT: Bryant Young
            NT: Michael Carter
            OLB: Julian Peterson (in a 4-3 he wins over Haley)
            OLB: Dave Wilcox (hof)
            MLB: Patrick Willis
            CB: Deon Sanders
            CB: Nate Clements
            FS: Merton Hanks
            SS: Ronnit Lott (hof)

            K: Ray Wershing
            P: Andy Lee
            KR/PR: Deon Sanders


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              Originally posted by Mr. Stiller View Post
              I'm sorry.. Call me a homer, but Rod Woodson > Deion Sanders.
              Ok. Then you are a homer. No way is Woodson better than Sanders. At saftey maybe, but not cb.


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                Originally posted by cardsalltheway View Post
                Oh no you didn't! He's property of Baltimore!!!1!!111!one
                He played his career as a Colt, he counts as a Colt until the NFL says otherwise.

                The problem arises when people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support instead of illumination.

                If luck is where preparation meets opportunity, then clutch is where failure meets luck.

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                  Originally posted by no love View Post
                  Ok. Then you are a homer. No way is Woodson better than Sanders. At saftey maybe, but not cb.
                  I don't know why he wasn't.

                  Rod Woodson:

                  1163 Tackles, 987 Solo, 250 Passes Defensed, 13.5 Sacks, 71 INT's, 12 TD's.


                  513 tackles, 429 Solo, 123 Passes defensed, 1 Sack, 53 INT's, 9 TD's.

                  He was a better PR.

                  Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]


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                    CB stats are ridiculously overblown.

                    Sure, strictly from looking at numerical stats you can try and make the case that Woodson was better than Sanders. But when it comes to the CB position, there's so much more to it than raw stats.

                    There's no stats out there for blanketing receivers and shutting them down, which is a CB's #1 priority.


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                      HC: George S. Halas // Mike Ditka (both HoF)

                      QB: Sid Luckman (HoF)
                      RB/FB: Walter Payton // Gale Sayers // Red Grange // George McAfee // Bronco Nagurski (thats right, 5 HoFs)
                      WR: um....did i mention we have 5 HoF RBs
                      TE: Mike Ditka (HoF)
                      OL: i know we have some in the HoF but cant think of any1 rite now

                      yay, now for defense(note i will be switching some positions just to show how it would line up)
                      DE: Richard Dent(should be HoFer) // Dan Hampton (HoF)
                      DT: Steve McMichael // Tommie Harris
                      OLB: Brian Urlacher (will be HoF) // Lance Briggs
                      ILB: Mike Singletary // Dick Butkus (both HoF)
                      CB: Charles Tillman // Leslie Frazier // Jerry Azumah // Nathan Vasher
                      S: Gary Fencik // Mike Brown
                      KR/PR: Devin Hester (at this pace, def. a HoF)

                      can you imagine this in a 3-4 with that front 7. all in all we have 26 HoFers, i know that by heart. and dent should be there, and Urlacher/Hester stnad very good chances so there stands to be 29 Chicago Bears in the HoF in the future.


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                        Coach: Marv Levy(HOF)

                        QB: Jim Kelly(HOF)
                        QB: Jack Kemp
                        RB: Thurman Thomas(HOF)
                        RB: OJ Simpson(HOF)
                        FB: Sam Gash
                        FB: Jim Braxton
                        WR: Andre Reed(S2BHOF)
                        WR: Eric Moulds
                        WR: James Loften(HOF)
                        TE: Pete Metzelaars
                        LT: Jason Peters
                        LG: Billy Shaw(HOF)
                        C: Kent Hull
                        RG: Joe Delamielleure(HOF)
                        RT: Joe Devlin

                        DE: Bruce Smith(S2BHOF)
                        DE: Aaron Schobel
                        DT: Ted Washington
                        DT: Pat Williams
                        OLB: Bryce Paup
                        OLB:Cornelius Bennett
                        MLB: Darryl Talley
                        CB: Nate Odomes
                        CB: Butch Byrd
                        CB: Charles Romes
                        FS: Mark Kelso
                        SS: Tony Greene

                        K: Rian Lindell
                        P: Brian Moorman
                        KR: Terrence McGee
                        PR: Roscoe Parrish

                        Special Teamer: Steve Tasker
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                          QB George Blanda
                          QB Ken Stabler
                          QB Rich Gannon

                          RB Marcus Allen
                          RB Bo Jackson
                          RB Roger Craig

                          FB Zack Crockett
                          FB Jon Richie

                          WR Tim Brown
                          WR Jerry Rice
                          WR Fred Biletnikoff
                          WR Willie Gult

                          TE Don Hasselbeck
                          TE Kenny Herock

                          T Bob Brown
                          G Gene upshaw
                          C Jim Otto
                          G Sunny Bishop
                          T Lincoln Kennedy

                          DE Howie Long
                          DT Warren Sapp (Srry I gotta)
                          DT Rod Coleman idk
                          DE Derrick Burgess

                          OLB Ted Hendricks
                          ILB Kirk Morrison
                          OLB Thomas Howard

                          CB Willie Brown
                          CB Lester Hayes

                          S Rod Woodson
                          S Ronnie Lott

                          K/P Ray Guy

                          Some i could think of.....

                          Thanks to jackalope


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                            Eagles team

                            HC- Andy reid

                            QB Donovan McNabb
                            QB Norm Van Brocklin

                            RB Steve Van Buren
                            RB Wilbert Montgomery

                            FB Keith Byars

                            WR Mike Quick
                            WR Tommy McDonald
                            WR Irving Fryar
                            TE Pete Phios

                            T Bob Brown
                            G Wade Key
                            C Chuck Bednarik
                            G Shawn Andrews
                            T John Runyan

                            DE Reggie White
                            DT Jerome Brown
                            DT Andy Harmon
                            DE Hugh Douglas

                            OLB Bill Bergey
                            ILB Jeremiah Trotter
                            OLB William Thomas

                            CB Eric Allen
                            CB Troy Vincent
                            CB Lito Sheppard

                            FS Brian Dawkins
                            SS Andre Waters

                            K David Akers
                            p Sean Landeta


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                              Cleveland Browns
                              Correct me if I'm way off...

                              HC- Paul Brown

                              QB- Otto Graham
                              QB- Bernie Kosar
                              RB-Leroy Kelly
                              RB- Bobby Mitchell
                              RB- Kevin Mack
                              FB- Marion Motley
                              FB- Jim Brown
                              TE- Ozzie Newsome
                              TE- Kellen Winslow Jr.
                              WR- Paul Warfield
                              WR- Webster Slaughter
                              WR- Braylon Edwards
                              WR- Dante Lavelli
                              T- Doug Dieken
                              G- Gene Hickerson
                              C- Frank Gatski
                              G- John Wooten
                              T- Mike McCormack

                              DT- Bill Willis
                              DT- Jerry Sherk
                              DT- Walter Johnson
                              DE- Len Ford
                              DE- Bill Glass
                              DE- Paul Wiggin
                              LB- Andra Davis
                              LB- Jim Houston
                              LB- Clay Matthews
                              LB- Walt Michaels
                              CB- Tommy James
                              CB- Don Paul
                              CB- Ben Davis
                              CB- Hanford Dixon
                              CB- Frank Minnifield
                              S-Thom Darden
                              S- Warren Lahr
                              S- Clarence Scott

                              K- Lou Groza
                              P- Chris Gardocki
                              LS- Ryan Pontbriand
                              PR- Eric Metcalf
                              KR- Joshua Cribbs
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                                QB- Matt Hasselbeck, Dave Krieg
                                RB- Shaun Alexander, Curt Warner
                                FB- John L. Williams, Mack Strong
                                WR- Steve Largent, Brian Blades
                                TE- Mike Tice, Itula Mili
                                OT- Walter Jones, Howard Ballard
                                OG- Steve Hutchinson, Bryan Millard
                                C- Robbie Tobeck

                                DE- Michael Sinclair, Jacob Green
                                DT- Cortez Kennedy, Joe Nash
                                OLB- Julian Peterson, Rufus Porter
                                MLB- Lofa Tatupu
                                CB- Dave Brown, Marcus Trufant
                                SS- Kenny Easley
                                FS- Eugene Robinson

                                P- Jeff Feagles
                                K- Josh Brown
                                KR/PR- Joey Galloway
                                LS- JP Darche
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