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What playoff teams this year miss them next?

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    The Falcons will win the NFC South in 2008, so count the Bucs out. (This may sound crazy now, but since the inception of the NFC South, the team to finish last in the division the previous year has won it the following year)

    With a new set of coaches and no galvanizing force to propel them like they had this season, I don't see the Redskins making it again.

    The AFC North seems entirely up for grabs, it's very possible that the Browns or Bengals will win it, with the Ravens having an outside shot if they can come up with anything on offense.

    I doubt the AFC South will produce 3 playoff teams again, if for no other reason than the division will beat up on itself and make at least one of the three teams that made the playoffs this year miss them next year.

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      Originally posted by ripdw27 View Post
      i thikn the steelers will miss.. they did not impress me at all this year.. not nearly as much as the browns at least. its a tough division but i think cleveland heads into this season confident and power there way to the playoffs (barring major injuries)
      I am sorry, I don't think the Steelers will definitely make it, but I don't see how the Steelers didn't impress but.. The Browns impressed moreso?

      I think it may have been more the sheer fact that the Browns bar is set so low that they had a huge overachieving season.

      I'm not really sure honestly. I think the Steelers could win the division, but Indy, NE and SD in one season isn't going to be easy.

      They might improve especially since they have a 2nd year in the newer developed season.

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