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What playoff teams this year miss them next?

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  • What playoff teams this year miss them next?

    I figure it is never to early to look ahead to next season, so what playoff teams from this year will miss them next year?

    New England Patriots- No one in that division can beat them, they're in
    Indianapolis Colts- They had better watch out for the Jags, but worst case scenario is a wild card berth
    Jacksonville Jaguars- Headed in the right direction, far from a sure thing though, I'm guessing they're in though
    Tennessee Titans- Extremely difficult for one division to get three teams, it won't happen again
    San Diego Chargers- Only the Broncos can challenge them, but they will make it
    Pittsburgh Steelers- Well I don't think 5 of the same 6 teams will make it, so sorry Steelers but you're out

    Dallas Cowboys- They should at least be a wild card
    New York Giants- I doubted them this year. They are still far from a sure thing, but I think they'll make it
    Washington Redskins- New coaching staff and a learning QB means they stay home next year
    Green Bay Packers- Really depends on Favre coming back, but I think they make it
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers- They played well beyond expectations, I don't think they make it
    Seattle Seahawks- I don't like em, but for the last three years we have heard why the Cards, Rams, and Niners would beat them and it hasn't happened. They could certainly miss because they are not a powerhouse, but until it happens just assume the Seahawks win this division

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    Even though free agency and the draft hasn't happened yet, if I had to take a shot in the dark, I'd put my money on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers not making the playoffs.

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      Ill take a shot in the dark with you... Ill go with Bucs and Titans.


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        I think Pittsburgh won't.

        They're looking to start a youth movement and start playing younger players.

        I expect us to be 6-10 to 10-6 next year. We might make it as the 6th seed at best.

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          Tennessee; somehow they made it this year, but next year no luck

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            The NFC South is a crapshoot and I think anyone except the Falcons has a legit chance.


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              I hate to dogpile on Tampa Bay but they do stick out on that list


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                doubt the skins will be back

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                  The skins probly wont be back
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                    Tennessee has the most cap space in the NFL. We're only gonna get better. Free Agency, the draft, new and improved offensive coordinator. I'm not saying their a lock but they have a good chance, at least a lot better of a chance then they'll get crdit for.


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                      Originally posted by nfrillman View Post
                      San Diego Chargers- Only the Broncos can challenge them, but they will make it
                      Not really.The AFC West is pretty much up for grabs this year.
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                        New England will be back cuz no one in their division can challenge them.
                        Indianapolis will be back, but I think as a 5 seed as I believe Jacksonville will win the division.
                        San Diego will be back because no one else their division impresses me much.
                        Pittsburgh will not be back, Cleveland will win the AFC North.
                        Jacksonville will win the AFC South.
                        Tennessee will miss the playoffs, Buffalo will take their place.

                        Departures: Pittsburgh and Tennessee
                        Arrivals: Cleveland and Buffalo

                        Cowboys: I worry that they'll have a hangover, and look out for the Eagles and Vikings in wild card. And I think the Giants will win the NFC east. So I am gonna say bye-bye Cowboys, hello Vikings.
                        Packers: Brett Favre looks like he is coming back, so the Pack will be back.
                        Seahawks: they are a default playoff team, their division sucks. I think they'll go 8-8, but beat an 8-8 Cardinal team twice, 49ers will go 6-10, and the Rams are gonna go 1-15 CUZ THEY SUCK!
                        Buccaneers: The NFC south is always all over the place, and this season is no different, Bucs out, Panthers in.
                        Giants: They are gonna win the NFC East.
                        Redskins: I think they are gone. Gibbs gone, a very good OC gone, and imo the best DC gone, well maybe the best up until Sunday. Who will take their place? I think its between Philly, Dallas, and Chicago. I've already said good bye Dallas. And I have 2 NFC North teams in, so I will go with Philadelphia.

                        Departures: Dallas, Tampa Bay, Washington
                        Arrivals: Carolina, Minnesota, Philadelphia


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                          I dont see Tampa going....

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                            Originally posted by SaintsFanForLife View Post
                            I dont see Tampa going....
                            I may say the Saints will be back cuz ur sig gives me the urge to jackoff.


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                              It will be tough for the Bucs to come back. I really see their offense taking a big hit. Age is catching up to them. Their draft picks from the last two years will really have to take that next step for them to make the playoffs.



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