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Who are the NFL's most overrated players?

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  • If you can call a guy who is injury prone overrated because he isn't healthy enough to play a full season at a high level, then I guess Haynseworth applies. That's not really my definition of overrated though. Overrated to me is a guy who most people think plays very well, but doesn't.


    • I love the dude and I am suprised nobody noted him yet, but Joey Porter is really, really overrated. He is too much money to be getting what, 3 sacks? The year before this past one, he wasnt that good and only did well against weak oline play. Back in 05 and before that, he was a beast and could beat players. Age is catching up to him, and he just needs to take a huge pay cut or be an emotional leader.


      • Originally posted by Pit Bull #53 View Post
        I'm with smitty on this one. Can't agree with ya on Albert, not at all. Not one single player mattered more to our team this year than he did. No way can you overrate what he did for us. The defense carried us, and when he was out, they went to complete ****. Especially the run D. No other way around that.

        If you want the overrated player on our's Keith Bulluck. That's right. At this point in his career he's good in coverage and that's about it. I started to get curious about his level of play a couple years back when our run defense got really bad. So I started watching him and focusing in on him alone when our D took the field. All you gotta do is key in on him and it's as clear as day...he plays soft. Can't play the run. He looks like he's playing on rollerskates. He makes NO plays at the line of scrimmage or in the backfield. Plus he missed alot of tackles. More than most fans are willing to admit. I'm actually getting used to seeing it. All his missed tackles look the same: Dive at the ballcarrier with your arms, wrap him up, then slide all the way down to his feet as you let him run right through you. Gotta give it to him though, he's a great cover LB. He's tall and fast and rangy. But if you want him to be a real player, you gotta protect him, alot more than most LB's cause he just doesn't play physical at all. David Thornton outplayed him this year. I bet he made 10x the amount of plays Keith did within 1 yard of the LOS or in the backfield. But Keith is flashy and athletic whereas Thornton is just rock solid.

        And Vince Young is obvious. He was terrible all season long, and so was his supporting cast. But that doesn't change the fact that he was terrible himself. Luckily for him he's still got time to improve.

        QFT. I stated a page or two back that bulluck was the most overrated on our D. I noticed that he started to slip a couple of years ago back when he started to get national acclaim. He misses way too many tackles and gets outplayed by thornton. IMO he is no longer in the top 3 or 5 like most suggest. probably more top 12 but not 5.


        • Bulluck looks like he's lost a step....but he's still quick and fast for a LB. He's never been very physical. He really didn't have as many opportunities to make plays this year with the play of the guys in front of him.

          Maybe he's overrated by some homer Titans fans, but it seems like he's still not a big name across the league.


          • Originally posted by Crickett View Post
            Well, he is a poor man's Michael Vick.

            He doesn't run as well as Michael Vick.

            His arm strength isn't as good as Vick's.

            He wasn't drafted as high as Michael Vick.

            He's slightly shorter than Michael Vick.

            And after signing an extension half the size of Vick's, he's going to get caught in a hamster fighting ring and get sentenced to six months in juvenile hall. I don't know how that's going to work since Vince is 24, but they'll find a way.

            And Vince's brother is going to go undrafted in the CFL draft after he holds up a bunch of slightly younger teenages with a water gun in the parking lot of an Arby's.
            Haha... that was funny as hell.

            Water gun... haha.
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            • I couldn't disagree more with Bulluck over Haynesworth.

              Yes, Fat Al was undeniably our team's MVP this season. But, it was only one season, and Albert's level of play slacked off later on in the year. Before this season, Albert has been an under-achiever and probably not even considered a Top 10 DT. Not to mention, he's only played one full season his entire career; His rookie year. After this season, he was a candidate for DPOY and went to the Pro Bowl. Awards that are certainly deserved after his season, but if Albert Haynesworth isn't tagged this offseason, he will likely become the highest paid DT in the league, whether by us or by another team. Now, after the past 5 years of Fat Al's career, can you say that he deserves that contract over every other DT in the league? I can't after only one season. With that said, I do think that Albert was the best DT in the NFL this season, and his performance was so great that I feel that I cannot find a superlative good enough for it. Ultimately, I chose Albert because I didn't think anyone else on our defense was rated highly enough around the NFL to be considered over-rated.

              As far as Bulluck goes, I can't say he's over-rated. Over the past 5 years, he's tallied 659 Total Tackles, 15.5 Sacks, 12 Interceptions, 3 DEF TD's, 10 Forced Fumbles, 44 Passes Defended, and has only missed 1 Game! Of all the LB's in the league, not one other OLB can make a better or even comparable boast. Not Julian Peterson. Not Derrick Brooks. Not Takeo Spikes. Not Lance Briggs. Nor can Ray Lewis, who plays ILB. Even Brian Urlacher can only say that he has more sacks than Bulluck over the past 5 seasons. The only player with comparable statistics is Donnie Edwards, an ILB, and Edwards only has more TOT's and INT's. Bulluck is easily the most durable and consistent OLB in the league. Yet, he's only made 1 Pro Bowl ballot.

              As far as this season goes, Bulluck had a down year compared to his past. He registered 88 TOT's (3rd highest on team), 0 Sacks, 5 INT's (Career high, led team, and was t-2nd most among all LB's), 0 DEF TD, 1 Forced Fumble, and 7 Passes Defended. For most LB's, thats a solid season, but compared to Bulluck's history, it's a poor one. Over the 4 previous seasons, he averaged 142.8 TOT's, 3.9 Sacks, 1.8 INT's, 0.8 DEF TD's, 2.3 FFumbles, and 9.3 PD's per season. So although he had a career high in interceptions, his average in every other stastistic decreased. But, that is explainable. This season, Albert Haynesworth was a monster, and Kyle Vanden Bosch was a Pro Bowl DE. Conveniently, Fat Al and KVB play in front of Bulluck. KVB's Assisted Tackles decreased by nearly 50%, and no one was going through Fat Albert. Overall, the entire DLine played great, so few RB's ever got into the reach of the LB's which caused the TOT numbers to go down, especially for Bulluck who was staring at the rumps of two Pro Bowlers. As for the decrease in sacks, we all know that Jim Schwartz's philosophy is to stop the run first and foremost, and is overall conservative. There is little blitzing and relies on the DLine to pressure the quarterback. Well, since the DLine was pressuring the quarterback so well, there was no need for Bulluck to blitz. Thus, he had a decrease in Sacks and an increase in INT's. As far as the DEF TD's and FFumbles go, I don't put much weight into that. DEF TD's are relatively rare, and since Bulluck had fewer chances to tackle, he had fewer chances to strip the ball. No biggie as far as him having 2.3 fewer PD's.

              He may have had a bad year, and he isn't the most physical or physically imposing LB in the NFL, but you cannot deny what Keith Bulluck brings to the defense, especially considering the DEF scheme and that he plays SLB. If we're purely talking about being over-rated, there's no way in hizzell that Bulluck is over-rated. All that production, and the most recognition he gets is 1 Pro Bowl and Trey Wingo and Co. saying he's a class act? Oh, no no Sha Nae-Nay. Bulluck isn't looked at as one of the best LB's in the league by the NFL fanbase, and isn't over-exposed by the media. In fact, the last time ESPN mentioned his name was when PacMan was in the news. Now, he may be over-rated by Titans fans, as he's been our best DEF player for the past 5 years, but not by the NFL community as a whole.

              Bottomline is that Bulluck has been the most consistent 4-3 OLB in the NFL over the past 5 seasons, and possibly even the most consistent no matter what scheme or LB position. One of the best cover LB's in the league, and most durable. He is not without flaw, though I don't know a player that isn't, and his position he plays doesn't benefit him much individually. But, besides all of his many positives, he's been to one Pro Bowl and doesn't receive the attention from the NFL community that many other LB's get, despite his being more deserving. He gets much love from Titans fans, but we cannot mistake homerism for being over-rated. Because of all this, I cannot say that Bulluck is over-rated. If anything, he is under-rated.
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              Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


              • andy lee i dont get why everyone is saying he is the greatest punter in the history of history
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                • Stats are not everything, just saying


                  • Man people sure are critical of VY so soon, he did have a bad year, and he regressed from his rookie year but we see that with alot of young qbs...Rivers had a bad year this year aftert how he played last year, Vince was also hurt for a big portion of the season, and the games where it looked like he was comfortable(Denver) no one was catching the ball, that game I saw flashes of what he could turn into, but he's still got a ways to go I agree...

                    And it is a little sickening to see Shiver downplay Young as a guy who will never develop because Michael Vick never did, and it just got kicked up a notch immediately after Vick got arrested...Cutler obviously looks like the best qb in the class, but at least with Vince you have seen some of his greatness and leadership ability which is more then you could say about Leinart who was supposed to be the other pick...

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
                    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


                    • Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
                      I love the dude and I am suprised nobody noted him yet, but Joey Porter is really, really overrated. He is too much money to be getting what, 3 sacks? The year before this past one, he wasnt that good and only did well against weak oline play. Back in 05 and before that, he was a beast and could beat players. Age is catching up to him, and he just needs to take a huge pay cut or be an emotional leader.
                      Thats only partially true, he's playing out of position in Miami...He went from being a weakside linebacker who rushed the passer, to a strong side lb and covers TE and taking on blockers...he would still be putting up stats like he was before had he been in pittsburgh...

                      but he's still vastly overpaid and his best years are behind him...Miami shouldnt of even signed him, what do you need an overpaid vet on a team rebuilding anyway.

                      Originally posted by Scott Wright
                      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.



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