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Possible Playoff Seeding Changes?

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  • Possible Playoff Seeding Changes?

    A small bit of news about the possibility of shaking up the NFL playoffs was buried, somewhat ironically, by the awesomeness of the playoffs themselves. To me, that suggests that the playoffs don't need changed, but what the hell, I'm open to new ideas.

    Roger Goodell wants to make it so that in the first round of the playoffs, division winners wouldn't automatically have a home game. If they played a wildcard team that had a better record, the wild card team would get the game in their own crib.

    The idea is that it gives teams more incentive to play hard throughout the end of the regular season, so we don't end up seeing something like a Charlie Batch vs. Jim Sorgi matchup in Week 17.,65500

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    i dont think this is too bad of an idea...not a huge, blockbuster change to the format, but it awards teams with a better record a better oppotunity. I wouldnt be totally opposed to this idea.
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      It is for sure some thing that needs to be thought about more...


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        They should make a top 8 in each conference goes to the playoffs.


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          I like that the division winners get the home games, but its not a huge deal if they do change it.

          I don't like though the idea behind it, that it would prevent teams from resting players. The goal is to win in the playoffs for the teams, so I don't mind if coaches want to bench their players in week 17. It also gives them a chance to see what they have depth-wise, and by taking that away it prevents a good opportunity to judge your younger or project players.


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            I like the idea, that winning the division should guarantee you a spot in the playoffs, but the records should dictate which team hosts the wild card playoff game.
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              Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
              They should make a top 8 in each conference goes to the playoffs.
              then why even have divisions



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