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Salary Cap Could Be Gone For Good

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  • Salary Cap Could Be Gone For Good

    From Packer Report

    Upshaw threatens strike, salary cap

    If owners opt out of CBA, creating an uncapped 2009 season, NFLPA chief Gene Upshaw vows the salary cap will disappear forever. That would be bad news for the small-market Packers.

    Such saber rattling may not mean much without a deadline looming, but any time the terms “uncapped year” and “strike” are bandied about, it conjures nightmare scenarios for the Green Bay Packers.

    Speaking at the Super Bowl in Phoenix, Gene Upshaw, executive director of the NFL Players Association, said he expects NFL owners to opt out of the collective bargaining agreement in November. If that happens — and it would only take nine owners — Upshaw said the union could retaliate with a strike.

    “If they want to get out of the deal, there’s nothing we can do about it,” Upshaw said. “But we’ll be prepared.”

    The CBA, agreed to in March 2006 and running through 2011, gave the owners and union the opportunity to opt out on Nov. 8. If that happens, 2010 would be played without a salary cap. Upshaw issues a dire warning to small-market teams, like the Packers, should that happen.

    “We’ll never have another one again,” Upshaw said. “I know I’m not going to be the one pushing for another one.”

    That, of course, would be hazardous to the long-term future of the Packers, who play in the NFL’s smallest market and, therefore, have limited revenue opportunities. Thanks to the “new” Lambeau Field, the Packers have ranked in the top 10 in revenue since 2003, including a high of seventh in 2006. Given two home playoffs this season, the revenue numbers should remain high when they are announced sometime in June.

    Former team chairman Bob Harlan, however, has said the Packers would likely sink down those rankings over the long term, with new stadiums opening in Indianapolis (2008), Dallas (2009) and the New York Jets and Giants (2010).

    Owners, such as Buffalo’s Ralph Wilson, Denver’s Pat Bowlen and New England’s Robert Kraft, have said the current CBA is hurting the bottom line of some teams while giving the players too much, making it likely the owners will opt out.

    If that’s the case, Upshaw warned: “At our meeting in March, our priorities for discussion are four options: strike, lockout, decertification or extension.”

    Upshaw, while saying he’s willing to work with commissioner Roger Goodell, has said players will not reduce their take of revenue, which was increased to 60 percent in the 2006 CBA.

    “The owners’ attitude has been the players have too good of a deal ... (but) I can’t convince the players that they should take less so the owners can have more,” Upshaw said. “I can’t sell that. This isn’t hockey, where the players agreed to a 25 percent pay cut. We’re not going to do anything like that. The economics of this league are good and are getting better. We’re getting 60 percent of the revenues. When it’s all said and done, we’re not giving any of it back.”

    The 2006 CBA raised the salary cap to $107 million for the 2007 season. Upshaw said the 2008 cap would be about $116 million. The Packers are expected to be about $25 million under that cap entering this offseason.

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    If they get rid of the salary cap football will go to hell.


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      ... this is stupid... the cap works just fine.

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        Hooray! Back to the Cowboys dominance of the 90's when Jerry spent with no regards! Please be true! Please be true! Please be true!


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          Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
          If they get rid of the salary cap football IN CLEVELAND will go to hell.
          There corrected it for ya.


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            Come on baby i hope they get rid of the cap
            RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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              Originally posted by 21ST View Post
              Come on baby i hope they get rid of the cap
              Snyder would go crazy.


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                I think its stupid not just because im a Packer fan, but they need to leave it the way it is and have a balanced playing field for everyone.

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                  Theres a reason that the NFL is a better league than the MLB.


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                    NFL owners don't seem to know just how good they have it...

                    The sport is tops in the USA and will only get bigger. Why make such a drastic change to something that's working as well as it is?
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                      I love this idea. Salary cap is unnecessary

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                        Even for big-market fans, you have to wonder if the eventual superbowl victories will taste as sweet, knowing it's not a level playing field. At least now, the superbowl champions can savour the fact that they are indeed the very best out of a fair game.

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                          Originally posted by D-Unit View Post
                          Hooray! Back to the Cowboys dominance of the 90's when Jerry spent with no regards! Please be true! Please be true! Please be true!
                          What do you want to be the Yankees of the NFL ? You need to buy championships?

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                            I think both sides recognize that things are far too good for both players and owners right now. The sport is dominant because of its parity and because it offers a quality product across the board. Neither ownership nor the players can afford a strike. My guess is that the owners will threaten to back out, but the union will prepare to strike. In the end, they'll probably look to extend the current deal with the players getting 60% of the existing revenue streams.

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                              Wow if the cap is gone this is going to be a completely different NFL. THe 'Boys and 'Skins would dominate.
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