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Best and Worst moments you have experienced as a fan?

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    Best: Music City Miracle
    Worst: Super Bowl 34


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      Best: Touchdown pass to draw equal with the Patriots in SB 38.

      Worst: The next 5 plays following the extra point.


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        Best Moment:Watching Adrian rush for 296 Yards against the Chargers.

        Worst Moment:1998 NFC Championship game... It still hurts.


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          Originally posted by Dam8610 View Post
          Your worst would not be the "This one's for John" game? I'd have to think losing the Super Bowl would sting more than anything else.
          Worst game, yes. Worst moment, no. The 4th and 26 was horrible. I was in shock.
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            Originally posted by someone447 View Post
            The non call on the Jerry Rice fumble still pisses me off from that game. The 9ers should not have been in position to get the catch 2.
            Well now you know how we feel when Don BeeBee was on the ground, got up and went to the endzone, after he was clearly touched, but the refs didn't call it for some odd reason.

            Or when Dorsey Levens clearly fumbled after getting blown up by Gary Plummer, the ball was picked up and Plummer went to the endzone. Yet that wasn't called.

            Or when Brent Jones was flagged for offensive pass interference, when it was the defender that clearly abused him! That's the most ridiculous one ever.

            The Packers owe us more than one in my opinion.
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            Originally posted by Borat
            Oh, my bad. Didn't realize SWDC was the pinnacle of class and grace.


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              Worst: The first half of the 2006 Bears vs. Cardinals game on MNF

              Best: The second half of the 2006 Bears vs. Cardinals game on MNF


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                Worst: 1998 NFC Championship Game, 2003 Season Finale

                Best: AP running for 296, beat the packers in the first round of the playoffs,


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                  Best: realising we were 6-2

                  worst: Every game after that.

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                    Best: Desmand Howards Super Bowl Kick Return - When I Knew We Won The Game
                    Worst: 4th & 26 Eagles vs Packers - That Was Just Sad
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                      Worst Moment:

                      Best Moment:

                      Originally posted by BeansDooma
                      who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                        Originally Posted by scottyboy
                        my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
                        But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                          Originally posted by Bills2083 View Post
                          this wouldnt be your worst memory would it?


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                            Hmm....well I only really started following the Chargers back in about 2000, 2001, so I have limited stuff to draw on...not to mention a lack of "best memories" in Chargers history had I been a fan since 1960 anyway.

                            My two are very recent, since we didn't have all that much success until lately.

                            Best: Seeing LT get the touchdown record or seeing us beat Indy to make the AFCCG this year.

                            Worst: The dissapointing and unexpected loss to the Pats at home in the playoffs in the 2006 season. Easily the most upsetting day of my Chargers-watching career.


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                              best: The Catch 2, the comeback against the Giants in the playoffs lead by Jeff Garcia or the entire 93-94 season
                              worst: watching Steve Young get hurt thanks to Phillips not blocking and Aeneas Williams hitting him.

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                                Pretty simple for be best: Bears getting to the Super Bowl las year
                                Worst: Bears losing the Super Bowl.
                                Worst non-football: Steve Bartman! I remember calling 411 and asking where he lives (drunk) but they wouldn't tell me.



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