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Best and Worst moments you have experienced as a fan?

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    Originally posted by Billingsley26 View Post
    Yes, Denver won the game, and at that game, they were the better team. But going into that game, there is no way you can tell Denver was a better team than New England. NE should not have lost that game. Thats what I am saying.
    You know what, I say the same thing about the Rams and Patriots Superbowl. The only difference is I have some legitimate reason to be upset about it instead of the sour grapes you seem to be having.

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      That game was amazing for me. Orange Uniforms, A.J. Feeley leading Miami to a win over the heavily-favored patriots. Jim Bates was interim HC at the time cause Wannstache resigned. Brady threw 4 INTs and one in the last drive while in the grasp of JT. That was still the ugliest throw ive ever seen on a football field. This was the only highlight of that horrible season but it gives me such GREAT memories.

      I honestly think seeing Zach Thomas' release today was the saddest I've ever felt after a game was over. I've never been more pissed about a football move than I was when Miami drafted teddy f---ing Ginn 9th overall last year.

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        Originally posted by nfrillman View Post
        You know what, I say the same thing about the Rams and Patriots Superbowl. The only difference is I have some legitimate reason to be upset about it instead of the sour grapes you seem to be having.
        Until there is cold evidnece and someone comes down on the Patriots for that game, then The Patriots won the SuperBowl. Right now Arlen is just speculating and talking. Nothing has been proven.


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          Originally posted by Billingsley26 View Post
          2003 because we overcame many odds, and again no one gave us many chances, especially against the Colts.
          In fact, it was such a foregone conclusion that the Colts would win, that Vegas favored the Patriots! What perserverance to overcome all those doubters!

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            I want to re-do mine.

            2005 NFLWC game, Palmer hits Henry on a PERFECT 60 yard pass.

            2 seconds later. Jon Kitna warming up.


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              Originally posted by Jughead10 View Post
              That was bad. When Tynes was kicking the third FG in Green Bay, all I could think about was Doug Brien. That game was the end of his career. I was thinking if Tynes missed that FG his career would be over just like Doug Brien's. Kickers are funny like that.
              I remember watching that game with my g/f and trying to explain that very concept to her. It was about her 4th game she'd ever watched.

              My best moments:

              Raiders beating the Titans in the AFC Championship Game in 2002.
              Rich Gannon going crazy on the Broncos on MNF that same year to turn the season around

              My worst moments:


              Oldie but a goodie.


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                My worst football moment has to be the Tony Romo dropped hold in the Seattle playoff game last year. The best (at least to recent memory) might have to be the Cowboys win over Buffalo this year.

                As far as all sports go, the Sox game 7 loss and win in the 2003 and 2004 ALCSs would have to take the cake. The most gut-wrenching day and perhaps the happiest day of my life.


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                  Best moment: Probably beating the bears 3 years ago. We were down 4 with about 4 minutes left and Trent Dillfer threw 2 touchdown passes to Antonio Bryant and we won 20-10. This was my first browns game and a very exciting one to be at. This has to be the most happy I have been being a browns fan cause I have only been a browns fan for 6 years.

                  Worst moment:
                  A)taking Wimbley over Ngata. At the time I was really pissed and but now it appears that it has work out ok.

                  B) losing to the Steelers in the playoffs about 6 years ago.
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                    Originally posted by bsaza2358 View Post
                    Worse moment as a fan: Being at the NFC Championship in 2002. At Veterans Stadium. Last game at that stadium. Eagles are huge favorites and jump out to an early 10-0 lead, then slowly and painfully fall behind. McNabb is driving the team for a last minute shot to win (down 4 points), when he misreads Ronde Barber and throws a pick-6 in the red zone. The stadium was so quiet as Barber iced the game...
                    This is easily the best moment I've experienced, although you have a few of the facts wrong. The Bucs gave up an opening kickoff 70 yard Brian Mitchell return and Staley scored 2 plays later. On their next possession, TB put together a nice drive and ended up with a field goal, bringing the score to 7-3. The game went back and forth until the 71 yard Jurevicious reception, leading to an Alstott TD.

                    Tampa was up 20-10 when Ronde Barber picked off McNabb at the 8 and took it 92 yards for TD. If the Eagles had scored on that play, they would have been down 3 with over 3 minutes to play. That Barber pick was the greatest play in Bucs history, imo.


                    • Originally posted by Dirty Thirty View Post
                      Best - Week 6: 2005-Santana Moss catches 2 TDs to stun Dallas (some of the others I am too young to remember. My dad always says that nothing in Redskins history compares to Riggo's run to win Super Bowl XVII)
                      Riggins's 4th down run is one of, if not the, best moments in Super Bowl history.

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                      • Originally posted by nfrillman View Post
                        Well believe me, playoff and Superbowl losses hurt so much more. Other than the Patriots cheating the Rams, the Rams-Panthers 2004 double OT game is probably my 2nd worst. That game is one of the greatest in NFL history, but I just sat there in disbelief when Smith caught that ball over the middle, then Sehorn took the most terrible angle ever, and Smith went all the way. I was completely flaberghasted.
                        I am in no way defending what the Pats did or allegedly did, but we were 14 point favorites to win that game. I am more mad about how, like the Pats this year, saved our worst game of the year for the super bowl that year.


                        • When we lost to the Falcons in the playoffs. Damn Gary Anderson.




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