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If we move every thread to the team sections..

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    I liked the old set up better. I had an easier time going to other team discussions and getting a broad idea of whats going on with each individual team by viewing the single team discussion threads. Then I got another point of view from the NFL board.

    Now, its too detailed. Why make a separate thread in the team discussion about something? Why not just include it into the team discussion thread? It was a lot smoother to me that way. I think it makes the board look a lot cleaner that way too. Right now it looks unorganized.


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      part of the problem here with the current team boards may be that users have no idea how to use them properly. i think this will come. i mean, should every bizarre thought they have get posted as a new thread? probably not. but eventually, they'll get to a point where only big deal stories are posted, or articles others may have missed. it can be a really great way to get the non-ESPN point of view on a team (and i can guess that you're not going to watch NFL Live to get a feel for what's going on in the league).

      i hate to keep saying it and parroting others, but give it a bit of time. some of the team boards may still be useless, but then, those are probably the same teams with useless team discussion threads anyways.


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        the bears are arrogant



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