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What teams are the most predictable on draft day?

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    Jacksonville is sortof not really...


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      Originally posted by JagHombre22 View Post
      Jacksonville is sortof not really...
      Matt Jones!!! LOL no one saw that coming


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        Originally posted by DaBears9654 View Post
        I would say the Lions. With the ___ pick, the Detroit Lions select ____ ____, wide receiver, ______

        Replace underscores with choice #, player name, & college
        haha that joke is still pretty funny
        I should get a sig with all the 1st Rnd WR's DET has drafted

        Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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          Originally posted by Chucky View Post
          Matt Jones!!! LOL no one saw that coming
          yea...I thought about him and before him Reggie Williams at number 9 overall...

          byron leftwich....


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            The 49ers have been predictable in the first round lately just because they have been no brainers...

            2005 - Alex Smith, he was the only QB who had the upside to be worth the #1.

            2006 - Vernon Davis - Manbeast
            - Manny Lawson - Manbeast

            2007 - Patrick Willis - Biggest no brainer ever, although a bunch of team before #11 didn't think so.
            - Staley was a surpris trade up though....


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              Rams are pretty predictable, any first round defensive player they take are gonna suck.


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                I think Detroit has been unpredictable, simply because there's absolutely no logic behind who we pick

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                I remember NFLDC
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                  Every redskins fan knows who the first pick is gonna be regardless
                  RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                    Originally posted by EdReedUnstoppable View Post
                    Ravens always go BPA.
                    always BPA. It builds good talent

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
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                      The Steelers never really hide who they are gonna draft...Big Ben, Heath Miller, Santonio Holmes and Lawrence Timmons were all talked about and highly touted by us...then we drafted them :) Good!


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                        They almost always go oline or dline in the 1st round, and rarely if ever get a WR in the 1st round.

                        Im expecting them to go Tackle in the 1st round this year.


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                          In the past 3 years or so:


                          Ravens and Browns - The two most hardcore BPA teams.


                          The Jets have been pretty good at this in the past 2 drafts. Besides for Mangold at 29 in '06, I don't think any of our picks were all that predictable.

                          Dolphins...not in a good way.


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                            Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                            The Cardinals are generally predictable, we basically always take BPA at a position of need, doesn't even matter if they fit our scheme
                            and you guys often make a run on high name prospects , who slipped in the 3rd-7th round ....



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