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Eli as Coverboy?

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    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
    Im really hoping it isn't Eli. Anyone but Eli.

    Hopefully someone talks him out of it. He just silenced so many critics, and can finally play a carefree season without so much pressure, and now he wants to add all this mumbo jumbo to his plate? I hope its not him...
    Plaxico? Osi?

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      Originally posted by neko4 View Post
      Plaxico? Osi?
      Anybody. Just not Eli. My dream would be James Butler on the cover, but thats not happening. Rumors say its between Eli and AD right now, Im hoping they go with AD.

      I just don't want to see Eli on this cover. Ever. Give it to Romo. Romo would love it.


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        They should give it to someone who has the least chance of getting hurt or not having a good season just to put to rest the "curse." My #1 goes to Mario Williams and followed by Tom Brady and what about a resurgent randy moss?

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          Originally posted by BroadwayJoe10 View Post
          They should give it to someone who has the least chance of getting hurt or not having a good season just to put to rest the "curse." My #1 goes to Mario Williams and followed by Tom Brady and what about a resurgent randy moss?
          Anyone can get hurt though. As long as youre on the field, you can get hurt. Id like to see them go defense on the cover. Preferably a pass rusher since we've seen what a pass rush can do this year. Mario Williams like you said, would make sense.

          But I like Mario Williams, and I don't want to see him go to the pooper. Let's just put Madden back on the cover dammit. Or Joe Buck. Joe Buck would be PERFECT for this cover.


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            eli on the cover would just be terrible. I really hope its some random position player. I think Eli would turn it down too. I think he'd say something like:
            "You know, its a team effort. I don't deserve it, because we did this as a team. It's a team accomplishment".

            Just give it to ocho
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            Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
            BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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              Lets put belicheck and the entire Pats Roster on the cover or better, make it a regional thing, like so:

              NE States+NY+NJ+PENN will have either a Patriot, Bill, Jet, Giant, Steeler or Eagle on the cover. This year it could be Brady, Moss, Osi, or Eli, Big Ben, Willie.

              Then, in the Mid-Atlantic/Eastern will have either a Raven, Redskin, Panther, or Titan on the cover. This year it could be Reed, Taylor, or Portis.

              In the South, youve got New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa, so this year it could be Brees, Garrard, MoJo, Taylor, Garcia, Brooks, or Colston.

              In the Northern Midwest Great Plains, whatever you wanna call it you have Cleveland, Cincy, Detroit, Chicago, and Green Bay. So it could go to Favre, Grant, Anderson, Chad, Carson, Calvin Johnson, Urlacher, or Hawk.

              Then in the other Midwest, there's KC, St.Louis, Dallas, and Houston. So Romo, Ware, TO, Witten, Mario, Holt, or Allen might make sense there.

              In the Rocky Mountains+Minnesota, you could have a Cardinal, Bronco or Viking, so AD, Marshall, Bailey, ARI's Duo of WR's could be picks.

              Finally the West Coast has San Diego, San Fran, Oakland and Seattle. So Hasselback, Gore, LT, Merrimen and Nmadi could make sense here.

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                Originally posted by nrk View Post
                I was at Gamestop today and they had a bunch of cases with AD on the front saying reserve your copy. Do they just have different players in different areas until they come out with a coverboy? I do live in Oklahoma.
                They had buckeyes on the NCAA 08 covers last year for the reserves, its just where you live to promote it.


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                  Originally posted by VPF View Post
                  I'd like to see them give it to someone who the media isnt drooling over. Last year, Vince Young, and this year, maybe Eli Manning. I'd like to see it go to some guys that have had more than one good year.
                  Eli has been a good QB for a long time, not many of the great ones were any good in their first few years.

                  Elway, Favre, Starr, Bradshaw, Young, Unitas, P. Manning just to name a few all went on to be considered some of the best of all time and none of those players were better than Eli in his first few years. Three of them didn't even get on to the field and the other two were almost benched. The only one who showed promise like Eli did was Manning.


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                    Why isn't it Tom Brady/Randy Moss?

                    The Best QB In the NFL and/or the Best WR.

                    Both set records and Brady had a ridiculous amount of clear cut stats this season.

                    Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]


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                      All I know is they need to implement all the drills over to the new consoles from the other systems...its been long enough, they should have the same side features by now.

                      Originally posted by Scott Wright
                      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                        Originally posted by Flyboy View Post
                        I swear I read the topic as:

                        "Eli as a Cowboy?"
                        On a quick glance I swore it said the same thing! hahaha



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