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    Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
    Yea I read this before on another site, I was actually upset that I read the entire article, made me sick to my stomach...I still remember when Tyler Brayton kneed him in the nuts and everyone knew Stevens did something to deserve it, he was fined 15k and no one ever actually saw him do anything, but people knew of him... I still remember some of Warren Sapp's comments after...
    Hah yeah I remember that.


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      What a bastard. I, too, am now with Joey Porter.



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        Originally posted by Staubach12 View Post
        What a bastard. I, too, am now with Joey Porter.
        Aww crap. Well, even though I hate Stevens, I can't bring myself to side with Porter.

        Originally posted by Scott Wright
        Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
        Originally posted by njx9
        do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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          Originally posted by 24cadillac24 View Post
          I guess this means he won't be re-signed by the Bucs. And he actually showed some promise in the last few games of the season too.
          How so? If we don't resign him it's because he's asking for too much money. This article has been out for a while and I'm sure our coaches knew about Stevens' shady past when they signed him. Either way, Gruden & co. has had no problems signed players with off-field issues if they have talent as long as they have good football character and don't disrupt the locker room. I don't respect what Stevens or Pittman do off-the-field but as far as I know they are good Bucs.

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            I hope Stevens somehow gets relegated to the CFL so I can boo him in person....such a pile of garbage....

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            Originally posted by Scott Wright
            Mr. Dukes comes from the Michael Irvin "talk loud and maybe people will think I know what I am talking about" school of football analysis.



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