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Worst and best performer on your team this year?

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  • Worst and best performer on your team this year?

    Worst- Trent Dilfer, QB

    Started 7 games and was one of the worst QB's in the NFL. Had 7 TD's compared to 12 Interceptions and 2 lost fumbles in 6 starts, plus extensive play in another game. He had terrible pocket presence. If he didnt have time from the OL, he caved in to the pressure. If he did have time, he just made a dumb decision. Dude should retire.

    Runner-up- Tully Banta-Cain, 3-4 OLB

    Started 10 games and 3.5 sacks only. Banta-Can't looked fat and slow out there. What was painful was the fact that he got 1-on-1 matchups, but he would always get stonewalled by the OT. Brought no pressure at all. Just awful.

    Best- Patrick Willis, ILB

    Led the NFL in tackles, made it to the pro-bowl, first team all pro, all as a rookie..and gona get better. He was one of our best bright spots. He was probably the only reason a non-49er fan could stand the 49ers this year.

    Runner-up- Andy Lee, P

    Thats right, the Punter. I thought about putting Nate Clements, but Punters need recognition too. Punted a whopping 105 (!) times this year. He still almost broke the net yardage record, but was beat by .1 yard by Shane Lechler. Lechler also punted 32 less times than Lee, so he had less chances to screw up. As well, Lee also had an astounding 42 punts inside the 20.

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    Worst: Chris Terry

    Was a human turnstile that was flat out awful

    Runner up - Eddie Drummond, Ty Law and all the kickers we had

    Best: Dwayne Bowe

    Put up mind blowing numbers given the situation at QB and a god awful offensive line

    Runner up - Jared Allen, Derrick Johnson, Dustin Colquitt, Tony Gonzalez
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      Best- Adrian Peterson
      Worst- Ryan Cook


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        Best: Adrian Peterson

        Runner-Up: EJ Henderson

        Worst: Troy Williamson

        Runner-Up: Erasmus James


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          Best: Braylon Edwards

          Runnerup: Joshua Cribbs/ Joe Thomas

          Worst: D-Line in general

          Runnerup: Leigh Bodden


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            Worst- Jason David

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              Best: David Harris
              Runnerup: Darelle Revis

              Worst: It would be unfair to list only one, as both Adrien Clarke and Anthony Clement sucked something fierce with near equality.

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                Wow I completely agree with BroadwayJoe. Harris and Revis impressed while Clarke and Clement did everything they could to lose their jobs for next season.
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                  Best: TJ Houshmandzadeh - 112 receptions and 12 TD's, made a lot of big catches.

                  Worst: Rudi Johnson - Hamstring or not, he was just dreadful. Even started the year off rough when he was healthy.


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                    Best- Haynesworth
                    Worst- VY, Ben Troupe, Reynaldo Hill, The entire D without Haynesworth


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                      Originally posted by Cashmoneydrew View Post
                      Best- Haynesworth
                      Worst- VY, Ben Troupe, Reynaldo Hill, The entire D without Haynesworth
                      what even Bullock? thats shocking


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                        Best - Ed Reed, Willis McGahee, Troy Smith=D
                        Worst - Bart Scott, Steve McNair

                        Baltimore: 7-4


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                          Originally posted by Its Ya Boy View Post
                          what even Bullock? thats shocking
                          The whole defense couldnt do **** without fat al.


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                            Best-Tie between Tuck and Osi but leaning towards Tuck. On offense I'd give it to Plax.

                            Worst-James Butler. By far he is the worst starter on the team.

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                              Best- Devin Hester

                              Runners-up- Tommie Harris, Adewale Ogunleye

                              Worst- Fred Miller

                              Runners-up- Cedric Benson, Adam Archuleta
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