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Players you regret your team letting go?

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    I can't say I can think of any off the top my head? Maybe Javon walker based on his pre injury skills, but he's an idiot, so I don't miss him too much.

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      Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
      We didn't release him, but...

      Well its sort of like we did. We got nothing in Return...Napoleon Harris and Troy Williamson...Wow.

      Agree on letting him go. Also with Culpepper a little. I think he could help Tarvaris learn but whatever.

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        Johnny Unitas. Damn coach.


        I really can't think of anyone.

        You could say Plaxico, but he wasn't that player 3-4 years ago..

        Antwaan Randel-El.. But he wasn't worth 7 for 72M or whatever the Skins overpayed for him.

        Omar Jacobs. I think he could have developed if given the opportunity

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          Originally posted by JBond93 View Post
          Only person for the Steelers is Mike Vrabel. Some may say Plax, but I'm not so sure.
          Rod Woodson. Even the Rooneys have expressed regret about letting him go.


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            Originally posted by JBond93 View Post
            Only person for the Steelers is Mike Vrabel. Some may say Plax, but I'm not so sure.
            Chris Hope??



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              None. Because no one ever plays for the Browns and does well anywhere else.


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                Green Bay:
                Hillenmeyer-Not too much now that we have Hawk.
                Javon Walker-At first bad, now i could care less.
                Not really anyone i can think of

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                  Regret? Not so much, but I do kind of wish Edgerrin James could've retired a Colt, especially if the Colts still draft Addai.

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                      Pat Surtain... he never really did much in KC, but he was our Shutdown corner in Miami along with Sam Madison. The best CB duo at the time and maybe in the last 10 years. I regret letting Madison go at times too, but towards the end of his career here he made way too many dumb penalties and really lost a step. It's nice to see him doing well now in New York for a change though.

                      I wouldn't mind signing back Surtain if the Chiefs decided to release him. We haven't found a good corner since he was traded! :(

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                        mike wahle a few years back for the packers.i really wish we hadn't cut him.


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                          Rod Coleman?

                          I don't know, most players who leave Oakland do so because they really want to, so it's hard to say you'd like someone on the team who doesn't want to be.


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                            D. Burgess i know the eagles would want him back. and T.O., Al Harris if they knew he would turn out like this.

                            Steelers usually do a good job of letting go of the right people.


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                              let's see...

                              Keenan McCardell- Cap casualty
                              Kevin Hardy- I'm on the fence with that one...

                              there really aren't a whole lot...


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                                The Chargers messed up releasing Rodney Harrison a few years ago. That decision has come back to bite us on a couple of occasions.

                                The most painful was letting Drew Brees leave because he is one of my favorite players and I really wanted to see him and LT win a superbowl together.

                                And I cannot forget that the worst decision made by management in a while was releasing Wes Welker. His first preseason he looked good as a returner and showed glimpses at WR. I remember a lot of Chargers fans being upset because he was a fan fav but nobody saw him becoming such a good player.
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