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Who's your team's darkhorse player?

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    Offense-Santonio Holmes

    Defense-Lamar Woodley

    Neither are really darkhorses

    maybe a dark horse would be Wiliam G a y at corner or Nate Washington at WR
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      Offense: Demertrius Williams & Troy Smith :D
      Defense: Antwan Barnes, Edgar Jones & PreScott Burgess

      Baltimore: 7-4


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        Offense- Martrez Milner
        Defense- Jonathan Babineaux
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          Offence - Donald Lee
          Defence - Aaron Rouse


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            Originally posted by Shockey+Manning=Shocking View Post
            I guess my guess of Justin Tuck before the season can't be used for this upcoming one... Hmm. I guess I would say Kiwi.
            Tuck had been my overall NFL sleeper for the last couple years. I always thought he'd have to get out of the logjam in New York before he really broke out, though

            As for the Panthers:

            Offense: Dante Rosario - H-back/TE. He was a good special teams player who showed some ability in the passing game late in the season. Seems to have good chemistry with Matt Moore, so expect him to really break out if Delhomme goes down again

            Defense: one? I mean, our best player who doesnt start is Richard Marshall and probably our most underappreciated player is Damione Lewis but I wouldnt consider either a darkhorse.


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              I dont think there are to many Dark Horses on the Bears.

              Offense: Mark Bradley
              -young player, who is good after the catch. Has been in the dog house though, but showed that he can do things with the ball before he got hurt.

              Defense: Jamar Williams
              -Probable replacement for Briggs, played well in the games that he started in this year. We seem to have a good scheme for LBs, and we drafted another undersized athletic one in Williams

              Originally posted by BeansDooma
              who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                for the ravens...

                offense- Demetrius Williams, WR- all the talent in the world, just needs his shot. He is playing slot for us now, but he and mark clayton are the future outside when mason calls it quits. Id also like us to take a run at bryant johnson, and that would make a nice little trio for our other darkhorse, Troy Smith :)

                defence- Im gunna go with kelly gregg. I guess he isnt really a darkhorse to alot of real football fans, but i think he is far and away the most underrated player in the league. Definately not a household name, but he should be. This guy is a star, and everytime i watch a ravens game i come away impressed. He doesnt have the best measurables, isnt the biggest of the fastest, yet every sinhle play he is on the field he is a monster. Im glad we have him playing nose, it lets us use haloti in creative ways and maximize his talents. Other thoughts could be dawan landy or antwan barnes (who is gunna wreak alot of hell next year, count on it)
                Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                The APS is strong in this one.
                Originally posted by killxswitch
                Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                  Originally posted by DaBear89 View Post
                  Off: IDK our players are either known/established or bad, and more often the latter. Best guess would prolly be Mark Bradley. He's gonna be more inclined to start if Berrian leaves and if he stays he'll prolly still be top 3 depending on FA/the development of Hester. Potential to be a good #2.

                  Def: Jamar Williams! This is the reason most Bear fans hate seeing LB in the 1st 3 rounds. At this point LB should not be pick "b/c Briggs is gone and they'll need help outside." sure depth is nice, esp behind 54 but Jamar is ready to step in and be a NFL LB.
                  I'd definitely go for bradley as the offensive darkhorse.
                  As far as the defense goes, i still see briggs as a bear.


                  I can't say Williams will be there to be a darkhorse.

                  So. I'll say Brandon McGowan. He looks strong, firebreathing SS.
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                    prally leigh bodden. he really is a top ten corner in the league when healthy but he doesnt get much pub.

                    also i dont think andre johnson would argue if i said brandon mcdonald


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                      Originally posted by DChess View Post
                      prally leigh bodden. he really is a top ten corner in the league when healthy but he doesnt get much pub.

                      also i dont think andre johnson would argue if i said brandon mcdonald
                      If we can get a pass rush...


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                        For the Jets:

                        Offensive: Chansi Stuckey - Decent size 5'11 200 lbs with good enough speed 4.49 40 (with a foot injury), but what seperates him from the rest of the pack is his ability to get seperation due to his fantastic agility. He will be a great slot reciever or #3 reciever next year, he excells at catching in traffic and has fantastic hands. He developed a good raport with Clemens during preseason and had a knack for coming up big in those 4 games. If he can stay healthy I think he'll win be the starting #3 reciever and if coles leaves he has potential to be a decent #2.

                        Defense - Justin Miller - If he can come off his surgery 100% he could be a solid #2 CB, granted as a 2nd rounder he shouldn't be too much of darkhorse. He had a tendency to play out of control, but was making mental strides last offseason before getting hurt. He has excellent speed and will combine with Leon to have a very potent KR pair. He has the physical part down, but if he can stop trying to be such an opportunistic CB and play more within himself he can be our #2 CB, which we need.

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                          Cullen Jenkins, DE. He was hurt a lot but looked dominant just a couple times. I think he takes major steps forward.

                          Runner ups: Justin Harrell, entered the season hurt and battled other injuries, should do better when he gets 100% and can just think about football.
                          Atari Bigby, UDFA SS who was basically a rookie steadily improved and was dominant in the playoffs.

                          James Jones, WR, will be a major threat as 3rd WR.

                          Junius Coston or Allen Barbe, OG, one of these guys is gonna step up and take starting job at guard, our starters are pretty average and both of these guys are beastly run blockers.

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                            Take your pick, Michael Bush or Michael Huff.


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                              For the Colts offensively I would probably go with Anthony Gonzalez although hes really no secret since he was a 1st round pick. I just picked him because I feel he will have a big year and the Colts could possibly use him the way Wes Welker was used in NE.

                              Defensively, I will go with LB Clint Session.
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                                Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                                For Atlanta:


                                Quinn Ojinnaka


                                Daren Stone

                                Yes. Both have a chance of getting a lot of time next year.



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