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    I'd say Anderson's resume is a little more impressive than what Schaub's was last year. Schaub was entirely unproven, Anderson's not. If he's traded it will be for a better deal then what Schaub was traded for.


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      Originally posted by iloxygenil View Post
      I'd take Carl Nicks and Josh Johnson and trump Brady Quinn...or I'd take Philip Wheeler and Ray Rice and trump Brady...too many good players to give up 2 2nd round picks this year, especially since one of them is like #35 thanks to that.
      Brady would be our pick if he was in this draft. And if not he would go top-10. Two seconds for him is a steal. Josh Johnson would be a joke compared to him, and Nicks is a right tackle. Wheeler and Rice? Where does that leave us at QB?

      Brady would be a steal for two second round picks.
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        would i take him? yeah sure, why not. its hard to be worse that grossman.

        is it gonna happen? no....because cleveland wants too much for him and he wants too much money. those are no no's in my book


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          I dont think they should get anxious and trade him now, keeping him is more important. Stability at the qb position, Quinn sitting another year and learning the offense, and giving your franchise qb two years to sit can only help him...Just tender DA, you may not get a team to bite, and you may not get to trade him, but either way your franchise is in a good position this way, unless they want to roll the dice and trade him now and build the defense to help Quinn.

          Originally posted by Scott Wright
          I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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            Anderson and the Browns want too much, no incentive for another team to go after him when you have to overpay twice.


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              Anderson's whole season was terribly inconsistent. He padded his stats against poor defenses - 109+ QB ratings against the Rams, Dolphins, Bengals and Baltimore (who didn't have a good pass D), and other decent ratings against the Texans and Jets. In fact, the *only* team he even had a 80+ rating against that was any good last season was the Steelers. And then of course he finished terribly against the Bills and Bengals which cost the Browns a playoff spot.

              He's young and has loads of potential, but he's nothing more than an average QB with awesome surrounding talent and a great pass blocking OL right now IMO. If you can get a 1st for that, the Browns should jump at it like crazy.


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                Vikings, Ravens, Falcons, Bears

                Vikings - Brad Childress seems to love Travis Jackson
                Ravens - Dont see them giving up a 2nd Round and they dont have a 3 and 5
                Falcons - Maybe could happen if they want to get back on track quick, cost?
                Bears - They have two 3rd round picks, but i think the browns hold him to high


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                  I remember when the chargers were in the same position and let brees go in favor of phil rivers. imo brees is a better qb than rivers so the browns are in a slippery spot. if im phil savage i try to trade anderson... i agree with oz, andersons season was terribly inconsistent so i dont think hes as valuable as schaub. maybe a low 1st round pick and a second but i dont think hes as valuable as the browns seem to think. b quinn will eventually get a chance so i try to trade anderson...

                  On Andrew Luck
                  Originally posted by killxswitch
                  People are expecting him to be some sort of alien defense-destroying robot QB and it's just not realistic.


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                    ugh the Vikes better not trade for him. Hes a complete one year wonder, and wasn't even as good last year as people make him out to be. He was good, not great.


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                      Sell, sell, sell. Anderson is a one-year-wonder. Send him back to Baltimore or somewhere.



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                        I agree with those who say that the Browns should trade Anderson while his value his high. He can be a playmaking QB at times, but his innaccuracy is a real problem and I think his 29 TD passes are more a product of Braylon Edwards being a red zone machine. There isn't any reason to believe that Quinn couldn't produce with one year under his belt and a good offense around him, though I guess the only people who really know are the Cleveland coaches.

                        The way I see it, you're already playing with house money by turning a guy you picked up off of the street into something, you already have his replacement who makes more money, why not trade him for as many assets you can get in return? It's really not the same level of risk as the Brees situation because Brees played at a higher level, he was a higher draft pick (high 2nd... Cleveland picked up Anderson off of waivers) and Rivers made more money than Quinn. Rest assured that Anderson won't be an MVP candidate like Brees is.

                        From Anderson's perspective he should want to be traded too. Some dumb team will give him a big extension. Cleveland tenders him high and he could suck next year for them and get benched, or get hurt like Brees did, both situations hurting the value of his next contract. I guess there isn't much risk from Cleveland's POV if they hold on to Anderson, but they won't get better than a compensatory pick for him if he walks after next year. Like I said it's basically house money, go for the draft picks and add more quality depth to the team for the long term.
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                          ya there offering him a 3 year $30 million deal right now. Its wasted money trade him and let quinn take over. Andersons stock is high they could get good amount for him.



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