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Jags to gets Viks Williamson

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    Originally posted by GB12 View Post
    If Williamson wasn't a first round pick Williamson would probably be out of the league...
    If Williamson wasn't a first round pick he also wouldn't have incredible speed. I mean..that's a pointless hypothetical. Obviously they are taking a chance on him on what they think he can be. It probably won't work but who knows.

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      As a Viking Fan, Im just happy that we could get something for him. Even if the pick we use on a guy who doesnt pan out it still better. Knowing I dont have to watch a another Season of a Guy drop Wide Out Passes is a relief of some sort.

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        I think this is a good move for the Jags. They need a speed guy to compliment all their big wideouts, and even though Williamson has been a letdown so far he is definitely talented. Plus, sometimes guys who have been tabbed as bust fare well with a change of scenery. They shouldn't have to give up to much to get him either.


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          Everybody's bashing this move, but the kid's got legit speed and he's been in the league for a few years. A team like the Jags doesn't truly need their sixth or seventh; why not take a flyer and work with his hands? He's probably going to be more motivated in Florida than freaking Minnesota.

          I'm not saying it's a great or even a good move, but it could pay off, and on a team without a clear cut number 1 like the Jags, it could pay off big time.

          The jags are going to run a crushing ground attack and a great compliment to that is the deep, DEEP play action pass, and right now the only guy they have who can run those routes is Northcutt. Now they've got another option at least.

          I don't like that this has a chance to push Walker down the depth chart though, I liked him as a prospect a lot.
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            According to rotoworld it's a 6th Round pick that can escalate to a 4th or 5th Round pick.



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              They are trying to get rid of their bust recievers by bringing in another bust reciever. I guess its going to be up to MJD and Freddy T this year again.


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                Originally posted by Patriots-Lions View Post
                According to rotoworld it's a 6th Round pick that can escalate to a 4th or 5th Round pick.


                "Pffft. I would never do that trade, I would much rather draft the next Tom Brady than a former first round pick."

                I bet this turns out better than most people give it credit for.

                I really am confused as to why this is such a bad move. He is better and has more experience than any rookie they could take a chance on in the late rounds as it is.

                Trading for him is a lesser gamble than picking someone on the second day, and it could pay off more than anyone else. Worst case scenario the Jags lose a sixth round pick (which may or may not even make the team), best case scenario they give up a higher pick because Williamson plays very well.
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                  It's really not a bad move at all it's just that no one here can picture Williamson catching a football.

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                    my prediction is that he's out of the league in 2 years. I don't see the harm in the trade though, as long as its a 6th or 7th, nothing sooner. He gets a change of scenery, which he needed, he had a large amount of pressure to succeed in Minny, whom never should have drafted him as high as they did. A reach to say the least. But i guess its worth a shot if he can learn to catch....

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                    Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
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                      Jags love WR's who cant catch
                      Derrick Morgan > All


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                        Personally, I like this means we don't have to use a first day pick or even a second day pick on a speedy unproven with no experience WR...he'll be competition in training camp and worst case scenario is he's the fourth or fifth WR on the depth chart...


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                          They want one of the fastest WR's out there, that's what they want. Catching can be taught.
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                            hahahahahahaha. People who say he has potential have no idea. He has nothing. I cannot sufficiently express the magnitude of his badness with any adjective that I know. Hes fast and can do absolutely nothing else. Cant run routes. Cant block. Definetly cant catch. Hes just an all around useless football player.


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                              Originally posted by bearfan View Post
                              I think this is a good trade, Twill needed a change of scenery, and maybe he will be better with the expectations lifted. Now he isnt that 7th overall draft pick, and is just another WR picked up. He has all the physical attributes to being a good reciever, he just needs to work on his hands.
                              Exactly. He wouldn't be the first "bust" to suddenly find his niche with a new franchise.

                              My main worry is whether the Jags can coach him up...oh and if he's got a coachable type makeup.


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                                I don't know of many rookie 6th or 7th round picks that would come in and give you 250+ yards right away...with that kindof speed...

                                perhaps we should wait and see how well this works out before we go calling it a bust move...



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