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Player signs largest contract for a DT

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    Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post

    But who are the Raiders looking at now if Mcfadden goes before them to Dallas just for arguments sake? Only person I can think of is Gholston.
    Jake Long is certainly a possibility too if he's on the board. Also fills a great need.


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      My initial reaction to this went something like this:

      1. Who the hell is Tommy Kelly
      2. Wow that's a lot of scratch
      3. Who the hell is Tommy Kelly
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        Kelly's a solid player, but not at that cost.

        Anyhow, I think this rules out DT. Dorsey is likely out. He's the best UT, but you aren't likely to go Dorsey/Kelly in there. I don't think you draft a 4-3 NT this high, so that may rule out Ellis.

        It wouldn't surprise me if this move clears their way for

        a) McFadden
        b) OT

        That said, I don't see them looking Otah, and Clady has to work his way up again.

        Thus, as of now, my guess at 4 would be Gholston, because, while Clemons is nice, he's not really an everydown end. Even if you believe he can be, Burgess is getting up there, and having Gholston learn and develop would be nice. Certainly fits the physical specimen mold that may intrigue Al.


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          All the other DT'S just got alot richer when there contract is up.

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            Originally posted by Renji View Post
            Dude, stop, let us first lock up Tommie :(

            Wow this crazy signing really means the Bears are going to have to break the bank for Tommie Harris.


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              Well that sucks. Hopefully that Clemons contract is lucrative enough that DE isn't an option either.
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                Wouldn't it have been more prudent to..yanno, give Nmandi some of that money instead? You know, because..he's a lock down corner? Rather than invest it in an average DT?

                Meh. Perhaps that's just me. What do Raiders fans think of this deal in general? Worth it? Slightly overpaid? A total steal? I haven't seen any of Tommy Kelly, but I don't see how he could be of more value compared to Nmandi.
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                  way to set the market

                  cred 2 BoneKrusher


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                    Lions/Cory Redding last year?
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                      wonder how much haynesworth is going to want :/


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                        Al Davis being Al Davis


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                          Tommy Kelly is the highest paid defensive tackle in the history of the NFL.

                          Don't read that sentence more than two times. Your head will explode.

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                            There has to be bunch of incentives in this. Wonder how much is guaranteed.


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                              I can just see Drew Rosenhaus aka Tommie Harris's agent doing his best Mr. Burns impression right now.


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                                Al Davis is off his freaking rocker.

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