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Parcells reels in Wilford, Torbor and Starks.

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    Originally posted by Joeyjr09 View Post
    and Jacque Reeves
    I believe you mean Joke Reeves. He's so terrible, he makes Mike Rumph look like a good CB.

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      Randy Starks was not our number 2. He was our number 3, and that was by a pubic hair.


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        Originally posted by Joeyjr09
        You also have to remember, he was seeing alot of PT as a starter for y'all sometimes and he was basically your number 2 DT behind Haynesworth.
        CMD is right. Starks has essentially been our #3 DT for the past season and a half. His spot at UT was taken by Tony Brown, a 6-3, 285 lb. DT/DE who was undrafted out of Memphis a few years back. But in Starks' defense, Brown's more suited towards UT more so than Starks.

        I hope you're right. There's a great chance that Starks just may not have fit our scheme, as we're not a 2-Gap DEF and require our DT's to be athletic and not space eaters. Maybe now that he's with his second team, and the team that initially drafted him showed no effort in re-signing him, will all help him to realize that he needs to get his act together like you said. I honestly do wish this signing helps, as I wish to see the Dolphins improve. There's few teams that I want to see go through what the 'Phins did last year, and Miami isn't one of them.
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        Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
        Damn Ke$ha is sexy.



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