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  • Woody played real well at RT for us (it was only 3 or 4 games) but he consistently struggled as our RG.


    • Originally posted by toonsterwu View Post

      Btw, Bluedevil$ -

      I'm assuming that's a typo. You hope he fails to live up to expectation?
      Yup, typo... my bad. I meant that I hope he doesn't fail to live up to expectations.


      • I gave the Jets a cornerback at #6 in my mock not too long ago with Gholston, McFadden, and Ellis all in the top 5. I still think that will be the case.

        Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


        • I've got a hard time seeing them go back to back cornerbacks in the first. Granted, Mangini and Tannenbaum seem to be more accepting of taking value than, say, the Patriots, but do they really need back to back cornerbacks in the first? And who?

          It's possible, but I'm not sure.

          If Gholston, McFadden, and Ellis are all in the top 5, and they can't deal down, I would probably still encourage a Merling pick there. Maybe Harvey. OL could be a consideration. Merling can play in that 290ish range, but coming in at 276 had to be a concern, so it isn't a great pick. That said, if he projects as people believe, then he could be a dominant 3-4 end. Harvey would be a thought, but only if Thomas gets cut. I wouldn't rule out OL despite the top signings. Both are older, and they could play a Otah at guard and kick him out to OT.

          That said, none of these would be an ideal scenario for them. I believe the ideal for now is to deal down. Btw, if I had to guess a CB at 6, my lean would be to Talib, but that wouldn't be great either.

          A long way to go. Only time will tell.


          • I like the addition of Pace a lot, I don't like the contract. I feel like we're making huge strides with all these great new additions, but I'm a little worried about the longevity of all the contracts we've dished out. I think we're heading in the right direction though.

            As far as the draft goes, I think this means we'd be more likely to trade and stockpile picks because we've really filled our 3 most glaring needs. We have a bunch of positions that we could and should upgrade at, but no huge glaring need worth of a top 10 pick. I still would pick up a pass rusher, I'd like a real speedster to compliment the power and quick step of Pace/Thomas, someone like Groves or Avril...
            Glenn Dorsey will slip...

            Jets will not take McFadden...


            • Ah, well Robertson isn't happening, based on PFT's comments about a Foxsports article I'm too lazy to read. Time to go back to the drawing board and figure out how desperately they want to unload Dewayne. I wouldn't be surprised if, at the end of the day, a deal is reached that involves futures.


              • Originally posted by Joeyjr09 View Post
                So because he's gonna be a NT in a 3-4 instead of a 4-3 he's suddenly gonna change his diet, his way of life and get in shape and stop getting hurt. Please.

                Woody finished last season playing well. In a contract year. But the 3 years before that he was a letdown.

                Your already talking about restructures so obviously you got concerns with the contracts you dished out.

                Fact of the matter is I keep posting million of questions about the guys you signed and you keep anwsering back with theories (I think he'll be better at NT, I think they'll restructure, he was hurt last season).

                All you have is theories for the million questions these guys come with. You can defend as much as you want but fact is that there's far too many questions for them all to go your way and your gonna end up paying for some of these moves.

                And regarding Woody, since when is getting hurt a good thing? You defend his play because he was hurt but you forget the fact that he was hurt. It's never a good thing for a guy to have injuries.
                If you don't know that a change of scenery can change alot about a player's perspective and can rejuvenate his career, you just haven't been watching football the past few years. Randy Moss ring a bell?

                I'm not making excuses for any of the contracts. Yes, we overpaid for Woody and Pace. Nobody is going to take a paycut to play for the ******' Jets. However, the Detroit situation was not good for Woody. Offensive lines play as a unit and when one guy goes down/plays poorly, the rest of his linemates suffer as a result. All i know is that when Woody was healthy at the end of '07, he played very well despite the tight circumstances. He'll be healthy coming in to '08 so there's no big reason to be overly concerned.

                Is he the pro-bowler he was in New England? No. Never said that. Is he big upgrade over anyone on the right side of our line (where he'll player, whether it by G or T)... absolutely. If he can give us 2-3 serviceable years, there will be no reason to complain.

                And just because I brought up the possibility of reconstructing in the far future doesn't mean that I'm overly concerned... it happens to alot of veteran players. Don't try to misconstrue my thoughts.
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                • One thing I like about Woody, and I find it necessary for all o-linemen to have is flexibility. We just signed a guy who can start at guard, tackle, or center. Having a guy who can do that gives an o line a lot of depth.
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