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Justin Smith to 49ers

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    Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
    He'll replace Bryant Young at LDE, a guy he is pretty similar too (though not nearly as good of course). Should be similar to Trevor Pryce's role at DE in a 3-4 or the role that Chris Long would play in a 3-4 at DE.
    He's gonna be taking Doglas's spot on the right side...Soapaga will be playing the LE


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      The 49ers buy all these big name guys, but can they put the pieces together. I like that they are building up their defense from this offeseason and last. I think if the niners get some more help on offense they could be a real contnder in the NFC West.

      Thanks to jackalope


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        I've always liked smith and felt he kinda got a bad rap here in cincy because he never got as many sacks as he was expected. He's a good player but didn't live up to his draft status and the money we were paying him. It'd be interesting to see him play in a 3-4 at DE because i don't think hes a good enough athlete to play OLB.

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