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Browns sign Donte Stallworth

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    I thought we'd sign Donte soon. Good signing, we needed a young good receiver for our #2 so we could move Joe Jurevicius to the slot where he is best for us. Also, Joe is gonna retire after this season, so it's best to get the position taken care of ahead of time. And it's not like Phil Savage is in win now mode or anything this year based on our moves so far.


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      Another impressive move by an impressive GM.

      So far I give the Browns an A- for this offseason. Corey Williams is a stud. Rogers is a promising addition. Stallworth is a mighty fine #2 WR. 7 year, 35M... perfect.

      Definitely in "win now" mode as they've completely sacrificed their draft. That's the only draw back to their moves.


      • #33 said it is 5 year 35 mill with 10 mill gauranteed?


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          That seems like a pretty good deal for Stallworth.

          We'll see if he proves more productive as the #3 option in Cleveland behind Edwards and Winslow, than he was in New England behind Moss and Welker. Which wasn't very.
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            I hope so just because we might run into cap problems soon.


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              Originally posted by DawgBone View Post
              I hope so just because we might run into cap problems soon.
              I don't believe we will.

              Unlike Butch Davis, Phil Savage has done a remarkable job at managing the cap.

              Now, if we were to start handing out big deals left and right like the Dan Snyder Redskins have done in the past, then you'd have a point. How anyone can actually compare Savage to Snyder is beyond me.

              We're in good cap standing and will be for the foreseeable future.


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                How many seasons has he played and not missed time because of injury, three or so?

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                  He's never played less than 11 games in a season, at least. :p

                  Here's the stat sheet.
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                    I'm really pissed right now, but I don't know who to be pissed off at: Cincy's FO, Detroit, or the NFL.

                    damn, I hate to say this but Cleveland's looking pretty damn good in the off-season.

                    I already thought they were the most improved team in the league last year.

                    Our division just got a lot tougher, or maybe Baltimore is the new Cleveland.
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                      Awsome video on Stallworth being a team player. This is gonna really help our team when a guy has this attitude.

             officially said the deal is for 7 years.

                      They also said He is one of Braylon Edwards close friends so this is great.

                      I think the Bengals Ravens and Steelers have gotten worse so far this offseason and Cleveland got worlds better again. We have a tough schedule this year but I exspect us to go 10-6 again or maybe 11-5.
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                        Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
                        Man, never thought a year ago that I would be sitting here thinking about how good we're gonna be this year instead of how bad...

                        This is awesome.
                        Good I'm really happy for you

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                          Good addition, but I'm not sure about Anderson still. Also, their defense still has to come together before they're considered the favorite to win anything.


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                            Originally posted by mqtirishfan View Post
                            The 8th. The NFL has decided to extend the draft so the Browns can pick someone.
                            Post of the day!!!!!

                            tim carter upgraded to Donte Stallworth.... very nice!

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                              Originally posted by DeathbyStat View Post
                              Good I'm really happy for you
                              Yeah the Steelers are doing a really good job in free agency.


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                                ok signing. Just get used to

                                Donte Stallworth- Questionable- Hamstring



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