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    For the Raiders, I could see the Raiders getting rid of Jordan, Rhodes, perhaps Janikowski. I don't know that any of those players would have value to other teams so they'll probably end up being cut. The Janikowski thing is only a rumor that's been going around and not something that I feel should actually happen.

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      im hoping the eagles trade lito sheppard to the pats, doubt it will happen tho.

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        Originally posted by Young Legend View Post
        He said it yesterday on SC..If the Bills get bryant Johnson they will consider trading Lee Evans..didnt make sense to me either..

        I guess he is in his last year of his contract and the Bills dont think they can resign him..
        Mort was a GREAT friend of the Bills old GM Tom Donahoe, and hasnt had the inside information on Buffalo as he once did.

        This was a attempt in connecting the dots. The way of thinking around the league is that Buffalo doesnt spend money. So with Evans being able to void the last year of his deal next year...

        He said he BELIEVES that they would look to shop Evans. It probably would NEVER happen unless they had another top WR in.

        The only thing that I have heard out of Buffalo about RUMORS of him being shopped is a package deal of JP Losman and Lee Evans to Detroit for Roy Williams.



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