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Who are your five favorite players (not on your team)

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    1.Braylon Edwards, Browns
    2.Tom Brady, Patriots
    3.David Harris, Jets
    4.Charles Woodson, Packers
    5.Adrian Peterson, Vikings

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      Originally posted by TitleTown088 View Post
      That is the worst list that could have possibly been constructed.
      YFS do what YFS do.

      For me (in no particular order other than Marshall):

      1) Brandon Marshall
      2) Antonio Cromartie
      3) Marion Barber III
      4) Larry Fitzgerald
      5) Mario Williams

      by BoneKrusher
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        Randy Moss
        Peyton Manning
        LaDainian Tomlinson
        Michael Strahan
        Calvin Johnson


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          -Adrian Peterson
          -Peyton Manning
          -Braylon Edwards
          -Justin Tuck (really wished the Raiders had drafted him that year)
          -Damarcus Ware

          Honorable Mention: Chad Johnson, Ed Reed, Steven Jackson, Warrick Dunn.

          Oldie but a goodie.


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            1. Anquan Boldin-WR Arizona Cardinals
            2. Osi Umenyiora-DE New York Giants
            3. Donovan McNabb-QB Philadelphia Eagles
            4. Fred Taylor-RB Jacksonville Jaguars
            5. Ernie Sims-LB Detroit Lions


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              Originally posted by Primetime21 View Post
              1.Warrick Dunn- This guy should be #1 for everyone I think for his act off the field and his courageous running on the field.
              2.Steven Jackson- Something about his play and he is a friendly guy
              3. Antonio Crow- Pimp. Wears snake skin shoes with pin strip suits before games.
              4. Corey Chavous- Gotta love him for his draft anaylis and friendly to fans
              5. Ocho Cinco- Usually hate attenion whores but he makes me smile.

              It's tough not to love Warrick. Little guy who wad doubted and compiled 10,000 yards. Had to deal with his mother being killed, and now he's just a great guy. Does what he can for people in need.


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                1. Ed Reed
                2. Laron Landry
                3. Adrian Peterson
                4. Calvin Johnson
                5. Michael Huff

                Honorable Mention: DeAngelo Hall (its almost there).

                "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                  1. Sean Taylor
                  2. Tom Brady
                  3. Devin Hester
                  4. Randy Moss
                  5. Adrian Peterson (Minn)


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                    1.Lawrence Vickers FB Browns
                    2.Chris Brown HB Titans
                    3.Antonio Cromartie Cb Chargers
                    4.John Henderson DT Jags
                    5.Dj Hackett FA


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                      not really in any order

                      Terrell Owens
                      Anquan Boldin
                      Brandon Marshall
                      Adrian Peterson
                      DeMarcus Ware
                      Ed Reed
                      Ray Lewis
                      Tom Brady
                      Brady Quinn
                      Sean Taylor R.I.P.


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                        Antonio Cromartie aka Crime Time
                        Donte Stallworth
                        Nnamdi Asomugha
                        Champ Bailey
                        Joseph Addai


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                          Brian Westbrook
                          Ernie Simms
                          Demarcus Ware
                          Michael Strahan
                          Greg Jennings


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                            No Particular order:

                            -Shawne Merriman
                            -Maurice Jones-Drew
                            -Devin Hester
                            -Adrian Peterson
                            -Kellen Winslow

                            Via BoneKrusher


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                              jeremiah trotter
                              peanut tillman
                              nick barnett
                              al harris
                              donovan mcnabb


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                                Ed Reed
                                Drew Brees
                                Brian Dawkins
                                Kerry Rhodes
                                Derrick Brooks

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