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    After an all-too-quiet start to free agency, the Tennessee Titans have helped fill a hole on their offensive line by creating one for a division rival.

    According to the Tennessean, the Titans have agreed to terms with starting Colts guard Jake Scott. The contract will average just under $5 million per year.

    Scott, a fifth-round draft pick of the Colts in 2004, started 55 games in Indy over the past three seasons. He fills the vacancy created by Jacob Bell, who left for the Rams last week.

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    Never a bad thing to take a good player from a division rival :)

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      Was a pretty necessary signing. Wasn't expecting it as after the visit it seemed like the Titans were lowballing Scott and wouldn't budge. Not the best value deal the Titans have had this offseason but they could have done much worse in that regard - a young G who is at least a proven starter is welcome. Was a little concerned the Titans interior OL was going to be made up of players who haven't started more than 5 games between the lot of them.

      With Olson possibly retiring the cost is more or less offset anyway - actually, wouldn't be surprised if it's a net cap saving for 08.


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        already in the FA thread man...

        but anyway, like the sign by the titans. Get a above average guard for a good price not to mention they take there division rivals starting guard. Not to shabby props to the titans.


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          I completely forgot about Scott. Its a good signing, its a big need and with Scott being so young theirs little chance of his skills declining over the length of the contract, unlike alot of Free Agents. They still have a ton of free cap space avialable.
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            I like this signing a lot, and it'll help us to have more options with our draft come draft weekend.


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              With the crazy money going around Tinn got a steal.


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                Originally posted by Splat420 View Post
                With the crazy money going around Tinn got a steal.
                yeah, i wouldnt put Scott as an elite lineman or anything, but under 5 mil a year for a good lineman and proven starter while taking him from an in-division rival is a great move and should be a great deal money-wise as well the way it's being thrown around.


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                  Is Jake Scott that good? Five million per year seems a little expensive.

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                  Oh, my bad. Didn't realize SWDC was the pinnacle of class and grace.


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                    Originally posted by Ness View Post
                    Is Jake Scott that good? Five million per year seems a little expensive.
                    We'll see how good he is. Lineman who have left the Colts in the past typically become mediocre on other teams (look at DeMulling, he couldn't even stay in the league without Howard Mudd).


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                      DeMulling played his two-year contract with the Lions, and was with the Redskins last year.

                      Adam Meadows was released after the 03 season, and retired due to injury in training camp with the Panthers who signed him long-term. He tried coming back with the Broncos in 06.

                      Steve McKinney has been a 6-year starter for the Houston Texans since signing with them in 2002 as a free agent.
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                        Good pickup, for a good price also, the Titans are one of the smarter organizations unlike the lets pay over 50 mil for average or injury prone players Raiders.


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                          Originally posted by Sveen View Post
                          Never a bad thing to take a good player from a division rival :)
                          What good player?

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                            I'm convinced Scott is just the latest Howard Mudd creation, he looks average in every single aspect of the game to me.... this won't hurt the Colts at all.... Mudd will have a guy in there at RG in week 1 who is just as good or better then Scott.

                            Its not a horrible signing by the Titans, defiantly one out of need and it should replace Bell fine. For what its worth I think the Titans have one of the best tackle tandems in the league in Roos and Stewart... i'm actaully surprised these guys don't get more acknowledgement.

                            On a side note, its kind of stunning the money being thrown around for these Guards... once thought as the easiest position to fill and not worth paying big money, these guys are finally getting paid some big money.


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                              Well, it won't hurt the Colts because they already have players who could step in. So the move worked for them.

                              Scott is going to play right guard for the Titans, right? I can't see him at left guard, nevermind what rotoworld says because they doesn't know **** most of the time. Benji Olson is going to retire I read, which allows for Scott to step in at RG, and then have one of their guys in Amano or Harris step in at LG for the departing Bell.
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