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Lions cut loose former starting running back Jones

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    Originally posted by toonsterwu View Post
    Now, am I a bit surprised they cut him? Somewhat. The only reason I can think they'd be open to it is if they like both Mendenhall and Stewart equally. They put themselves at risk for another team moving up.
    Plus he had a base salary of $2.37M for this year, he's just not worth it. The rookie deserves touches anyways, plus Calhoun needs some touches if the Lions are going to find out anything about him. I've been saying for some time that I thought Millen would take a runningback at #16, my guess being the midwest Big Ten back in Mendenhall if given the preference.

    Had they signed Julius, Kevin would've been gone. The fact that Julius signed with Seattle last week was also another telling sign they'd go RB.
    They released KJ without signing Jones anyways, I'm not sure what the point of that note is.

    Who knows, maybe he gets healthy once he leaves Motown.
    I doubt it, personally. His best chance is as a #2 back I suppose, but I'd rather have someone like Sammy Morris.
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      "Kevin Jones will explode wherever he goes and be a top 10 back in the league." - treefi


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        Had they signed Julius, Kevin would've been gone.
        The fact that Julius signed with Seattle last week was also another telling sign they'd go RB.

        Um, that was two separate thoughts. The first referencing the fact that I wasn't shocked by the move, although mildy surprised at the timing. I probably should've added an anyways at the end, but I forgot.

        The 2nd in reference to that the idea that they were going RB has been around since the end of the year, and that recent moves suggested that this was happening.


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          1. They didn't sign Julius Jones, and they released Kevin Jones. So it seems rather stupid, or at least painfully redundant and pointless, to point out that they would have released Kevin Jones had Julius Jones been signed long-term.

          2. And so was Tatum Bell only signing a one year deal, if not even more obvious.
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            I am still in total disbelief and a state of confusion.

            The entire offseason we have been gearing up for a big commitment to the run game for next season.

            So far we have:
            1) Not re-signed Duckett
            2) Release KJ
            3) Signed Tatum Bell?????? (WTF!?)
            4) Not addressed the offensive line in any way, shape, or form.

            We have one first round pick to use on RB and OT . . . Millen must have failed kindergarten math along with everything else in his life.
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              Millen wasn't ever going to take an OT in the first round imo, as much as he needs to and the intelligent fans want him to. He drafted Backus in the first round, he gave Backus his huge contract, and he's going to think he's okay at LT. One only wonders how Marinelli really feels, but he has to make the best of the situation and existing contracts.

              That said, if the Lions could get a 1st round pick for Roy Williams from either the Eagles or the Cowboys, then they could probably get Stewart later although it's a calculated risk. I'm not sure the Cowboys have the cap space to sign Williams long-term now though.

              But really, the Lions need Roy Williams now. They need to score as many points possible, with their overhaul on defense. They can franchise him next year in an effort to tag and trade him.
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                Like all poor GM's in the league and Matt Millen is the worst, he has simply run out of cap money by overpaying average players and has little room to maneuver.
                And proud of it!!!



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