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Kitna says 10 Wins for the Lions...(again)

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    Originally posted by ChargerCohen View Post
    I really supported the Lions last year, even before the season I thought they could make a playoff push. This year...looking at that schedule? I'm not even sure if they'll win a home game.

    The schedule is hard every year. A lot depends on injuries during the season,home/away and how a team executes(sometimes they just don't show up). Division games are always the key. Lions went 3-3 last year in the division and always play division games tough at home no matter what kind of team the Lions have, even 3-13 it took a dropped Mike Williams pass to lose to the division champ Bears. With Favre retired, the Bears needing find a way to rebound to 2006 form defensively and in shambles on offense and the Vikes looking strong but still relying on Jackson, I see the divison as wide open. The Vikes,Bears,Packers have the same schedule with the exception of 2 games.



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