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Do the Jets have the best Oline?

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  • Do the Jets have the best Oline?

    D'Brickashaw, Faneca, Mangold, Woody, and whoever

    if I were McFadden I'd be praying to go to the Jets

  • #2 looks the best on paper, but we will have to wait and see.

    If the Jets landed a RT like Cherlius at the top of round 2, that would be rediculous! :)


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      I've gotta agree with jakey 100%. As most people know, you can't judge a free agency until you can see the impact that they have on the team the following year, but the additions atleast look good. Brandon Moore is the worst player on the line and he isn't a slouch, but it would be nice to draft a RT so Woody could slide inside and moore could be a very quality backup, or an OG to compete with Moore and eventually take over. While not on the oline, the addition of tony richardson is going to help the running game out.

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        Originally posted by swollja View Post
        D'Brickashaw, Faneca, Mangold, Woody, and whoever

        if I were McFadden I'd be praying to go to the Jets
        Browns do NOT have the best line but....

        D'Brick < Thomas
        Faneca > Steinbach, but by their play last year Steinbach wasnt far behind.
        Mangold > Fraley
        Woody < Tucker
        whoever the RT was < Shaffer

        not to mention I think the Browns have the very best depth on the OL in all of football.

        I would take the left side of the Browns and Vikings over the Jets.

        But why is this in the draft forumn?


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          i guess it could go in either

          mcfadden going to a team with the best oline pertains to the draft


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            Why is this in the draft section?

            Anyway, no I don't think they do. Woody is average and D'Brick is overrated to an extent. Faneca is the best on the line.


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              This O-Line tops


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                Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post

                This O-Line tops
                LOL, tops out at #32.


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                  Not even close.

                  MAYBE if Woody continues his solid play after finding a spot at ORT AND D'Brickashaw Ferguson actually remembers he is a stud (allowed 24.5 sacks in first two seasons...allowed 13.5 last year )...

                  Faneca wasn't very good last season (no one was on the Steelers OL).

                  Definite questions here...not even close to the best.

                  I'd even question if it is in the top half of the league, yet. They need to prove it, because they are all coming off very poor seasons sans Woody, but that could be a real head scratcher if ORT isn't for him after Year 2.


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                    pffff the jets line is NOTHING compared to the manbeast blocking bonanza the Lions will unleash upon the league...

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                      If the Jets is not...then who's is???


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                        I think the Browns could have one of the best Olines. The Chargers line is really good. THe Pats line was amazing except against the giants. The bucs have one of the best if not the best young O-line.


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                          The left side has to go to the Bills or Vikings. Peters & Dockery or McKinnie & Hutchinson. Overall, I'd say the Patriots.


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                            Jets last season were 21st for the run and 30th in the pass for OLs.

                            Woody and Faneca were poor against the run last year ranking in the NFL's bottom half for ypc at their position.

                            Best OLs last year were NE, NYG, CLE, GB, NO, IND...


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                              Id say Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach were the best LT/LG duo.



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