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    Originally posted by OzTitan View Post
    He also went on just about every other team's local media and made a similar comment, didn't he?
    LOL yea he did which was funny he was making comments about winners then talking about playing for the panthers who are going to struggle to make the playoffs...Didnt Deangelo Hall just go on a tirade about wanting to be on a winner/contender? He was tired of losing, so he went to Oakland for alot of money...I really dont pay any attention to half of what these athletes say, they are just saying what their agent is telling them to say, their actions speak louder then words.

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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      Originally posted by cdub11 View Post
      it looked to me like he was on the verge of tears
      Funny, my wife said the same thing. I really think that there might be more to this than we are seeing. I don't think it is similar to the T.O. and Randy Moss situations. I felt sorry for him yesterday.


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        Pretty much the whole interview felt really awkward, like the kind of awkwardness I use to see during the quiet moments of NYPD Blue.


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          Cmon Chad come to DC.

          Portis has said that he talks to Chad, and wants to get him in DC.


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            Originally posted by slightlyaraiderfan View Post
            Pretty much the whole interview felt really awkward, like the kind of awkwardness I use to see during the quiet moments of NYPD Blue.
            I agree, it was awkward


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              he looks genuinely unhappy...

              PS: talking about yourself in the third person, Addict thinks that's not cool

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                "If you don't like me, there somethin wrong wit you."

                Oldie but a goodie.


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                  he can go for all I care. I want him but if he doesn't want to be here cya later.

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                    Originally posted by nobodyinparticular View Post
                    "If you don't like me, there somethin wrong wit you."
                    lol, exactly. sorry chad its you!


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                      i really doubt hes getting traded, and if he does it will only be for picks. We just gave him a huuge contract so it will be a major cap hit. I honestly don't care if he plays for us. I'd prefer that he did but idk if his heart is gonna be into it.

                      I really just think that he is stupid....he's not gonna get into a situation much better than the Bengals.

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                      i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
                      who dey?


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                        Trading him isn't a realistic option. The Bengals wouldn't be saving any money towards the cap. Hell, it wouldn't even be a small hit. The Bengals would take cap hit of over 8 million dollars if they were to get rid of him...

                        You can't do that. If it were possible, Id think that the Bengals would be willing to move him, but it's just not going to happen.


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                          It's reported to be an 8 million dollar cap hit. No chance he gets traded, unfortunately.

                          Wish he'd shut his mouth and play on the contract he just signed, the 3rd contract he's recieved.


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                            I wouldn't mind the Ravens taking him. But theres probably like only 15% chance he gets traded. And to a rival....

                            Baltimore: 7-4


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                              $8M *net* cap hit? or just a $8M hit? Because he already has a $6M or so cap figure for 08.

                              Why is that such a big deal anyway? It's not like Mike Brown has to pay anyone $8M, it'd just be $8M of cap they probably won't use anyway. He'd probably *like* to have a way to limit cap room - $8M in dead money is $8M he doesn't have to spend.


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                                That was the most awkward interview i have seen in a long time...they just werent feelin him! :s



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