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Will the Patriots suffer for Belichick's hubris?

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    Pats have always been able to plug in anyone in the secondary because they have always had a great passrush. They have a damn good line but they dont have the linebackers to bring the pressure.

    I think we're gonna see them get an OLB linebacker in round 1. Adding a young passrusher and getting Thomas back could make this defense a great unit again.

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      Originally posted by Geo View Post
      The 08 Patriots are 14th in the league in sacks, with 31.

      (Even better than the Colts, lol.)
      without watching many games, my guess is bc Billy boy dialed up the blitz more than he wanted to, which lead to his secondary being exposed more.

      Bill doesn't want to blitz that much, thats not the style of that scheme. only on 3rd and long does he like dialing up the blitz, and when he does, he loves bringing the safety, which is his only good player in that secondary this season.

      the defense is complicated, but ultimately simple.

      the theory behind it is this: a big strong front 7 that can stop the run which allows you to play 2 deep safety on all 3 downs, which puts less stress on your CBs. also allows you to come out with 3 safeties in 3 WR sets and still not lose too much in run support. theres no strongside/weakside, both sides of the defense are equal in their roles, which prevents motioning from effecting matchups.

      Passive 4/5 man rushes on running downs, and occasionally pressure on 3rd down.

      i can elaborate more, but i don't want to complicate it, its complex yet simple if that makes any sense.



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