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Lofa Tatupu signs a 6 year extension

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    Yeah except to include the years remaining on his rookie contract is totally arbitrary and makes no sense. We are comparing the two deals. He was already under contract, so his new deal has nothing to do with with his rookie contract, other than it was a negotiating tool for the Seahawks.

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      Agree to rarely disagree, I suppose. The fact that this is an extension as opposed to a whole new deal is very important, because Tatupu isn't worth 6 years/42M imo. But 43.5M or 44M over 8 years, he is.

      Though I'll agree that if he had probably played out his contract, he might have received more than 6 years/42M on the open market in 2010. With the way contracts are increasing in line with the cap.

      Some guys take the security of a new deal now.
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        Good to see he is gonna be a lifetime hawk. Leader of our defense and is worth every penny.
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          I personally think Tatupu is a bit overrated but when you see most of the Seahawk fans applauding the deal its hard to argue against it. I see where BF51 is coming from in terms of having two years remaining on his rookie contract, but who knows how ridiculous the FA market will be in 2 years. Since they did not pay through their nose and kept a player they like you have to say it is a good signing.

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            Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
            Id like to think the Chargers will pay up for Merriman as im sure Dallas will do with Ware pretty soon.
            I would be down right shocked if either hits the FA market I could see either one getting tagged but thats all.


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              Contract seems fair glad for both of them



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