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    MeRge@! HEHHE this tshea g is tuspid, ravens p;ooon all wjem tio comes tow dratg heheheheh
    Translation: hehehe, this thread is stupid, the ravens own all when it comes to the draft hehehehehehe

    courtesy of the "drunk out of skull gibberish to english"-translator.

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    • 2006

      Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Florida St. - (B+) - Very solid starting DT who will keep getting better.

      Winston Justice, OT, USC - (C) - Had 1 terrible game but other than that he's looked solid, probably our future starter at RT.

      Chris Gocong, DE/OLB, Cal Poly - (B) - Our starter at SLB, great all-around player.

      Max Jean-Gilles, OG, Georgia - (C+) - Excellent backup and if Andrews/Herremmans decide to change positions he will most likely be a starter.

      Jason Avant, WR, Michigan - (C) - Was a decent slot receiver but will never be anything more than that, if we draft a receiver in the first 2 rounds this year Avant will have to take an even smaller role.

      Jeremy Bloom, WR, Colorado - (D-) - Was non-existant as a receiver and didn't do anything special as returner so was cut.

      Omar Gaither, LB, Tennessee - (A-) - Great value here, our starter at MLB last season but with the emergence of Stewart Bradley he will have to move to WLB next year.

      LeJuan Ramsey, DT, USC - (C+) - Was decent as a backup but might not last too much longer on the team.

      Overall - B+


      • On ESPN stats for players, what do STF and STFY mean? I know they are a type of tackle, and I am guessing one is for lost yards (TFL) and one is for stop at the line of scrimmage. But I am not sure.

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        • 2006 NFL Draft Review, courtesy of



          Tamba Hali

          Penn St


          The Chiefs love Tamba Hali’s arms, which are perfect for arm tackling, the Chiefs main defensive strategy. They have secondary strategies, too, such as lying on the ground and getting stepped on.



          John McCargo

          NC State


          The bad news: all the draft experts disapproved of this pick. The good news: none of those people know what the **** they’re talking about.
          2 of my favorites.


          • 2007 Mock Draft, courtesy of


            Funny thing is that this was a complete joke and they got 3 picks right, lol.



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