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    C & P 'ed from the Packers forum

    Round 1
    Aaron Rodgers A-

    Picked essentially over value, Rodgers struggled in the preseason and the little playing time he had in his first 2 seasons, but showed promise in 2007. He most certainly will be the starting QB in Green Bay once Lord Favre retires.

    Round 2
    Nick Collins-C+
    Terrence Murphy --

    Collins has been solid. Nothing too flashy, doesn't seem to make a lot of mistakes but doesn't seem to make a lot of plays either. His job could be in jeopardy. Luckily for him, he's still young.

    I can't really give Murphy a grade. He had good potential and what little we saw of him, but then he had that neck injury. Greg Jennings would not be on our team had Murphy stayed healthy.

    Round 4
    Marviel Underwood-C-
    Brady Poppinga-B+

    At the time safety was a huge need for us. I can't blame Thompson for picking Underwood. Unfortunately he never did too much for us, mostly with injuries to blame.

    Poppinga has been a solid starter for 2 seasons now. He's not going to wow anyone with his playmaking ability, but he's a high energy guy who leaves it all on the field

    Round 5
    Junius Coston-C+
    Mike Hawkins-D-

    He has the potential and skillset to succeed in our scheme but it just hasn't happened yet. Like Collins, he's still really young and has time.

    Hawkins was bad and never panned out. He was a huge project and I consider this pick a reach even in the 5th round.

    Round 6
    Mike Montgomery-B
    Craig Bragg-D

    I really like Montgomery, he just hasn't had the durability or the PT to shine. He was explosive at times this past year when he had his snaps. He's a good player for us, and fits right into our DE rotation.

    Craig Bragg was blazing fast, but that's about it. On and off the practice squad for the first few months(If I'm remembering right) into the 2005 season then cut.

    Round 7
    Kurt Campbell-D
    Will Whitticker-F

    I don't remember too much about Campbell, except that he was a LB/S tweener and injuries followed him around in GB

    Will Whitticker....ugh

    Well this draft has given us 2 solid starters, promising QB in the wings, and a potential starter down the road in Montgomery.

    Draft Grade: Solid B


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      oh man, rodgers is no A. not until hes, yanno, started a game or something. hell hes played all of what...2 partial games? breaks his foot in one and does alright in the other.

      thats no A....not yet anyway


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        2003 Draft Grades

        I am not usually one to start a thread like this, but this is an exception. It has been 5 years since the 2003 Draft and most players are now established pros or out of the NFL. So I thought that we should take a look back and grade out our teams selections from the 2003 Draft.

        Thanks to Bone Krusher for the sig


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          **traded for Drew Bledsoe**
          Willis Mcgahee--F--gave us one good year, didnt run hard, didnt care
          Chris Kelsay--D-- Isnt a good pass rusher, or run defender, just a hugh motor
          Angelo Crowell--A-- Our best LB'er, very good
          Terrence McGee--B-- number 1 cb, but in the past, bigger wrs handle him
          Sam Aiken--f--special teamer that never contributed on offense, now on NE
          Mario Haggan--c-- FA now, but a solid player
          and some more


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            Dallas - 1st round - Terence Newman - Pro Bowler and shutdown corner
            2nd round - Al Johnson - part-time starter - decent but not spectactular - left via FA - could have taken Anquan Boldin instead :(
            3rd round - Jason Witten - Pro Bowler
            4th round - Bradie James - Starter
            5th round - no pick
            6th round - BJ Tucker - out of the league
            7th round - Justin Bates - out of the league

            Pretty good draft but taking Johnson instead of Boldin really hurts
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              man we just keep on going back with these things....i recall doing one for this exact year already too.....maybe i can find it and dredge it up


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                  Dewayne White

                  White was a good pick, nothing really special, but a solid player during his time here. Grade: B/B-

                  Chris Simms

                  I really wanted Simms to do well, but after his ruptured spleen, he hasn't been the same. Seems liek a waste of a pick, but he did get us to the playoffs one year. Grade: C

                  Lance Nimmo
                  West Virginia

                  Don't think he ever made our roster, and wasn't great even if he did. Grade: F

                  Austin King

                  Played for us a bit during his time with us. Mostly a back up though. Grade: D+

                  Sean Mahan
                  Notre Dame

                  I liked him as a player. Don't know if he's still on our roster, but Mahan was productive when he played IMO. One of my personal favourites. Grade: B

                  Torrie Cox

                  Useful as a return man and a dime corner. Probably the second best KR we've had in team history (behind Spurlock of course). Grade: C-

                  Overall Grade: C+ Ok draft, nothing great though
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                    Baltimore 2003 Draft Class:
                    1a) Terrell Suggs - A+ - Pro Bowl player, who's still only 25 years old. Great Pick.

                    1b) Kyle Boller - D- - The exact opposite of Terrell Suggs, in terms of on-field production. Wasted Trade with New England. ><. Damnit ><

                    3) Musa Smith - C - Solid 3-Down Running Back. We'll see if the FO decides to bring him back.

                    4a) Jarrett Johnson - C - Solid Starter, who was expected to take AD's place last year...he did an okay job, but then again you can't really expect him to replace AD.

                    4b) Ovie Mughelli - C+ - Solid Fullback when he was in Baltimore. Got a big pay day in Atlanta last year.

                    5a) Aubrayo Franklin - C- - Didn't really do that much in Baltimore. Now with the Niners.

                    5b) Tony Pashos - C+ - Was a serviceable starter when he was in Baltimore. Now with the Jaguars.

                    6a) Gerome Sapp - C - Solid back-up and good special teams player. Hopefully we re-sign him and let Jamaine Winborne walk.

                    Trent Smith, Mike Marby & Antwoine Sanders...never heard of.

                    Baltimore: 7-4


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                      2nd: Taylor Jacobs, practice superstar - E: I don't think he's still playing, let alone starting.

                      3rd: Derrick Dockery - B-: He played well with the Redskins, unfortunatly we didn't give him the monster contract Buffalo gave him. He's still one of the better pulling guards in the NFL.

                      7th: Gibran Hamdan - D+: Probably one of the more notable NFL Europa players. Currently he's on the Bills, but I still think he could be a very capable backup in the NFL. I hope he turns into something decent.

                      Overall: SCREW SPURRIER


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                        Too lazy to look it all up but knowing it was Mike Sherman draft I can safely say every pick other than Barnett was probably awful...


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                          Andre Woolfolk. Nuff said.


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                            Larry Johnson nuff said


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                              Cleveland Browns- F
                              I don't even have to write it down.
                              The best player to come out of that draft is our longsnapper. Ryan Pontbriand \/ \/ \/ \/.


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                                all I remember about 2005 for KC is we fell into Derrick Johnson at 15



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