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    Green Bay
    Nick Barnett- A, YAY!!! A good pick, how rare!
    Kenny Peterson- F, WHO?
    James Lee- F, WHO?
    Hunter Hillenmeyer- F, we almost had one, but we let him go and he screwed us over when he went to chicago.
    Brennan Curtin- F
    The rest F!

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      Raiders 2003 Draft

      1st Round (pick 31) Nnamdi Asomugha "CB California"
      At the time this pick was a reach he was projected late 2nd early 3rd round picking him over Mathis who was still available but all in all he turned out to be the best CB in this heavy CB class, and is turning into one of the elite shutdown corners in the league today. GRADE = A+

      1st Round (pick 32) Tyler Brayton "DE Colorado"
      Tyler contributed several years and gave us decent depth but for a 1st rounder he underachieved never become the pass rush and run stuffer we expected him to be. With players like Osi and Boldin getting picked in the second round definitely wasn't worth a 1st round pick, but he did give us some production.
      GRADE = C

      2nd Round (pick 63) Teyo Johnson "TE Stanford"
      Teyo had alot of potential but like Brayton never truly lived up to what the raiders expected. Also few picks after Cowboys picked a TE out of Tennessee named Jason Witten multiple Probowl TE. Crappy luck for us! GRADE = D

      3rd Round (pick 83) Sam Williams "OLB Fresno State"
      Sam is still one of our linebackers today he has been solid and filled in as linebacker few years now hasn't had the numbers ud want but he has been solid would also due to having 2 pro bowl caliber linebackers next to him taking the glory in Morrison and Howard as of late. I believe he has fallen off the starting position into backup roll but to have 3rd rounder still contribute isnt too bad. Grade = C+

      3rd Round (pick 96) Justin Fargas "RB USC"
      He definitely was a steal then when he was projected to go in the second round. Justin has been backup to the underachieving Jordon for a few years now never being able to get his true opportunity to shine, he finally did middle of last year and showed the raiders that he is the best RB on the team. He rushed over 1000 yards while only starting little over half the games of the year. So for a late 3rd rounder this was an amazing pick i would of grade it higher but i have to see how he does this year with a full year as being the starter under his belt. GRADE = A-

      4th Round (pick 129) Shurron Pierson "DE USF"
      Great Athlete coming out of college but due to his size he was undersized for the DE position and never really did anything for us poped up in chicago a year later didnt do anyting as well. GRADE = F

      5th Round (pick 167) Doug Gabriel "WR Central Florida"
      I really liked Gabriel when he was with us i always wondered why he never got the chance to get the starting job but you had bigger names above him. Big WR with good speed, he later was traded to the patriots. I was surely thinking he would succeed in that offense never did and was cut, the raiders picked him up and seemed like a different player when he came back to us what a bummer. Grade = C-

      6th Round (pick 204) Dustin Rykert "OT BYU"
      Didnt do anything granted we had huge depth in the offensive line roster so it was almost impossible for him to do anything during that time why we pick a OT who knows. Grade = F

      7th Round (pick 246) Siddeeq Shabazz "S New Mexico State"
      Never did much for us went from team to team then i believe ended up playing in the Canadian league as a LB. Grade = F

      7th Round (pick 262) Ryan Hoag "WR Gustavus Adolphus"
      Mr Irrelevant this year coming from a div III he was a sleeper for many draft analysts that year coming from a small school but he didnt make the roster and kept bouncing from team to team never being able to make it on a roster. GRADE = F

      Overall Grade = B-

      we did got few players who contributed on depth for us and 2 / 3 starters i would of graded the overall grade lower but picking Nnamdi in the first round when he was considered a reach brought the grade to a B-
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        1 Carson Palmer A+ Franchise QB
        2 Eric Steinbach A Great when he played for us
        3 Kelley Washington C Good ST player, no longer with the team
        4a Dennis Weathersby F Who?
        4b Jeremi Johnson B+ A top FB when actually in shape
        5 Khalid Abdullah F Who?
        6 Langston Moore F Cut by 2 teams and plays for Lions, nuff said
        7a Scott Kooistra C Good depth
        7b Elton Patterson F Who?

        A, just because we reeled in a Franchise QB

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          Originally posted by Eaglez.Fan View Post
          I don't think a high second round pick deserves an A- for only ST.
          Except that Burnett is our "starting" nickel linebacker, where he plays an estimated 50% of the snaps per game. An A- might be a little high for his play to this point, but I would expect him to move into a starting role in the not-so-distant future.


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            2. Roscoe Parrish- Came as a surprise to me but OK pick. Good RS. C+
            3. Kevin Everett- Promising until a career ending hit. C
            4. Duke Preston- Career Backup. D
            5. Eric King- Spent One Year as the 5th CB. Sucked. F
            6. Justin Geisinger- Spent One Year As Backup. F
            7. Lionel Gates- Spent Two Years As Backup- D-

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              Round 1: Kevin Williams - A - One of the Best DT in the League

              Round 2: EJ Henderson - B+ - 119 Tackles 4.5 Sacks Last season

              Round 3: Nate Burleson - B- - Was a Solid #2 with Moss but Struggled as a #1 and Doing alright in Seattle

              Round 4: Onterrio Smith - F - Whizzantor

              Round 6a: Eddie Johnson - F - Punter, Never heard of him

              Round 6b: Michael Nattiel - F - Didnt last past the 2003 Season

              Round 7: Keenan Howry - D+ - He was our Return man for a while.

              Overall : B

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                Jacksonville Jaguars
                OVERALL GRADE: C-

                Round 1, Pick 21: MATT JONEZZZ - F. No, check that. F-. You know what? Screw it. I give the Armadillo a Q.
                Round 2, Pick 52: Khalif Barnes - Considering that we could have picked him in the first round and no one would have batted an eyelash, a good pick. Has flashed tons of potential in his time here, but has some issues with being consistent and has a public and controvercial off-the-field incident bi-annually. B-
                Round 3, Pick 87: Scott Starks. One of the 10 fastest men in the NFL, I'm sure. Couldn't win the nickel spot to save his life and is relegated to being a special teams ace. D+
                Round 4, Pick 127: Alvin Pearman. Solid third down back until we drafted Maurice. We got a draft pick for him when we traded him. C
                Round 5, Pick 157: Gerald Sensabaugh. Special teams ace, third safety, super-athletic starter. Gerald has worn many masks during his time here, but he's always produced. B
                Round 6, Pick 185: Chad Owens. You know what? I changed my mind. Matt Jones just gets an F. This his a reference point so you can get the extent of how worthless Owens was. The Hawaiian Muffer gets a K.
                Round 6, Pick 194: Pat has stuck around on the roster this entire time. That's a heck of an accomplishment for a round 6 guy who is nothing special. Jack loves him. I suppose that's enough. B-
                Round 7, Pick 237: Chris Roberson. He stuck around for a while but kept getting injured. D-.

                All in all... not a very productive draft. Khalif Barnes, Gerald Sensabaugh and not much else.


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                  This is starting to get redundant.

                  2003 Colts Draft

                  1 24 Dallas Clark TE Iowa
                  2 58 Mike Doss SS Ohio State
                  3 90 Donald Strickland FS Colorado
                  4 122 Steve Sciullo G Marshall
                  5 138 Robert Mathis DE Alabama A&M
                  5 162 Keyon Whiteside LB Tennessee
                  6 198 Cato June DB Michigan
                  6 208 Makoa Freitas

                  Clark has turned into a key puzzle of the Colts offense. I think he is a bit overatted, but his importance in the last couple of years can't be understated. He can play from the TE spot, slot, or even at split end. Seems to have a problem staying healthy or at least keeping himself safe on the field. Kudos to Bill Polian, he does not miss on 1st round picks.

                  Doss never quite lived up to expectations and was released and signed with the Vikings following the Super Bowl win. He did ok, but injuries and an off the field incident were the key reasons to his release.

                  Strickland couldn't stay healthy. He just resigned with the 49ers. Scuillo was thought to be a future starter at guard then fell out of favor with the coaching staff. He was released only after a year or two and signed with Philly.

                  Robert Mathis turned out to be the real late round steal. He was viewed to be an OLB by many clubs cause he is in the 235/240 lb range. Teamed up with Freeny, they have become a top 5 DE rushing duo in the league. Mathis was resigned to a large deal.

                  Whiteside was cut I believe after training camp or during the season and hovered on the practice squad.

                  June was a college saftey turned into WLB who excelled in coverage and not so much on run D. Did have one Pro Bowl year. Colts did not offer to resign him, now with Tampa.

                  Four players of this draft started significant number of games for the Colts with Clark and Mathis still on the team, both resigned to big contracts. So they got four starters to play for four years, and were able to keep two of them after their rookie contracts expired. I call this draft like the 2005, a good one for the Colts.

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                    1) CB Andre Woolfolk - another Floyd Reese project pick...bust
                    2) WR Tyrone Calico - major potential, but blew out both knees in his second year, and was never the same. Cut in 2006.
                    3) RB Chris Brown - talented but fragile. Recently signed with the Texans.
                    4) DT Rien Long - former Outland trophy winner progressed nicely in his first three years, but a ruptured Achilles', a severe staph infection, and a horrific car accident have likely ended his career.
                    5) S Donnie Nickey - ST specialist, not currently on a roster
                    7) OT Todd Williams - spent a couple years on the roster, never played.

                    Not a single 2003 draftee left on the roster. Overall grade: D


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                      1)Michael Haynes DE Penn State - F
                      - Had 5.5 sacks in 3 seasons. Once Ogun came in, he was really phased out. Says he is on the Jets now
                      1b) Rex Grossman QB Florida - C
                      -I dont like him, but he is really good when he has time in the pocket...problem is that if he doesnt, he is not that good
                      2) Charles Tillman CB Louisiana-Lafayette - A
                      -Starting CB for us, and will be for quite a long time. Very solid player
                      3) Lance Briggs OLB Arizona - A+++
                      -All Pro. Nuff said.
                      4)100 Todd Johnson DB Florida - C
                      -Was a good backup/special teamer, and was a decent player when he got in
                      4)Ian Scott DT Florida B
                      - I thought he was really underrated when he played for us, always seemed to get an arm up, and made some heads up plays. Eagles grabbed him in FA, and I think they cut him though.
                      5) Bobby Wade WR Arizona - C
                      - Good KR/PR for us, and had some decent hands when we had no recievers. I think is doing decent in Minny
                      5) Justin Gage WR Missouri - C
                      -I had always liked him, but never really got to see the field that much/never was much of an option. Doing well in TN now
                      5) Tron LaFavor DT Florida
                      6) Joe Odom LB Purdue - D
                      -Backup, Still on team?
                      6) Brock Forsey RB Boise State - D
                      -Had a 100yrd game, not on the team anymore, still in league?
                      7) Bryan Anderson G Pittsburgh - F?

                      Overall: B
                      We landed 2 players who have made huge impacts on games for us, and are both really good players. Most of the rest arent even on the team anymore though
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                      Originally posted by BeansDooma
                      who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                        This is actually a good time to do this, these players have had 3 years in the league.

                        29) CB Marlin Jackson - 1st year starter in 2007, played very well in that role and in the nickel role before that. Most famous for his play in the 2006 AFC Championship Game. To quote Bob Lamey, "INTERCEPTION! MARLIN JACKSON! WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!" Personally I've wondered for some time if the Colts would've taken Luis Castillo with this pick had he not been taken with the pick immediately before it, but Marlin has worked out for the Colts, so I like the move.

                        Grade: B

                        60) CB Kelvin Hayden - Another 1st year starter in 2007, Hayden got limited oppurtunites before the 2007 season, his biggest and most famous of course being his game sealing pick-6 in Super Bowl XLI after Nick Harper went down. This was the most panned pick of the 2005 draft, for the Colts at least, and it goes to show that Polian knows what he's doing. Once again, I wonder if Jonathan Babineaux would've been the pick had he not been taken the pick before, but really we'll never know.

                        Grade: B

                        92) "DT" Vincent "Sweet Pea" Burns - I don't remember if he was cut in 05 or 06, but he didn't have a very long NFL career, and he was miscast with the Colts.

                        Grade: F

                        129) OG Dylan Gandy - Gandy was impressive in 2006 as a starting guard for most of the season, but it seems the Colts have decided to go in a different direction with him, having him backup Pro-Bowl C Jeff Saturday, and possibly developing him to take over the position. Then again, with starting guard Jake Scott leaving via FA this offseason, Gandy could get another shot at a starting job.

                        Grade: C+

                        135) S Matt Giordano - Has been an excellent backup and decent special teamer for the Colts since being drafted. He seems to be incredibly fast, which helps him in both of his roles.

                        Grade: C

                        148) DE Jonathan Welsh - Cut shortly after joining the team.

                        Grade: F

                        165) C Robert Hunt - Camp cut that season, no longer in the league.

                        Grade: F

                        173) LB Tyjuan Hagler - After missing all of the 2005 season with a sports hernia, Tyjuan Hagler has been nothing short of a late round gem for the Colts. He played well in a backup/special teams role in 2006, and in 2007 he was able to earn the starting SLB job after incumbent starter Rob Morris went down for the season, and has shown a lot of promise there.

                        Grade: B+

                        202) K Dave Rayner - Cut by the Colts in camp that season, but found a job later with the Packers, and now with the Dolphins, and has had a decent year.

                        Grade: D+

                        243) RB Anthony Davis - He was going to be a KR and 3rd RB, but didn't show much in either role and was cut in camp.

                        Grade: F

                        Overall Draft Grade: B/B+

                        While the Colts didn't produce a superstar from this draft, they've already produced 3 starters from it, could have a 4th in Dylan Gandy, and produced a very quality backup in Giordano. This is a very successful draft for any team.

                        The problem arises when people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support instead of illumination.

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                          Originally posted by BamaFalcon59 View Post
                          I would give PacMan a higher grade than D, even with only playing two years for yall. Unfortuneately he had the potential to be an A plus.
                          He gets graded down because he sucked his rookie year, and he'll only have played two seasons with the Titans.


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                            Originally posted by terribletowel39 View Post
                            How do you have 5 F's, a D minus, and a C and still average a B. I would have loved for you to have been my teacher back in the day. And no Braylon doesn't warrant that big of a jump. He is good, like really good. but that should be an overall grade of like D/C- at most.
                            Yeah, he does.

                            Because a top 5 WR with Braylon's kind of talent and impact GREATLY outweighs missed 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th rounds pick in the grand scheme of things. At that point in the draft, you're hoping those kind of players become quality depth players. Anything more is a huge bonus.

                            For someone who is on his way to becoming one of the, if not the, best WR in team history, you grade that pick on a completely different level than the others. You get a player like that and your draft as a whole is a huge success. That's the bottom line.


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                              1) Andre Woolfolk- F (God Awful)
                              2) Tyrone Calico- D (Little production from rookie year kept him from being an F)
                              3) Chris Brown- C+ (Had some good seasons, but injuries and fumbling held him back)
                              4) Rien Long- D
                              5) Donnie Nickey- C
                              7) Todd Williams- F-

                              Not a good draft at all. Overall a D. Only saving graces were Chris Brown and Donnie Nickey on Special Teams.


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                                1. DT Dewane Robertson - D
                                Played well in his first season (probably due to playing next to Jason Ferguson) but has sucked since then. Also, our medical staff completely wiffed on his health concerns.

                                2. LB Victor Hobson - C
                                Decent player but never lived up to expectations. Started for a while but is now a free agent (has yet to be signed as far as I know).

                                3. FB BJ Askew - D
                                Another decent player but was never used properly.

                                5. DB Derek Pagel - F

                                5. DE Matt Walters - F

                                6. QB Brooks Bollinger - C
                                Solid contributor for a backup but is really nothing more than a #3. Was a great trading chip for us.

                                7. OT Dave Yovanovits - F

                                Overall: F



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