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  • Wow, the Arizona Cardinals cleaned up in 2004. Probably the best draft by any team other than San Diego (Philip Rivers, Igor Olshansky, Nick Hardwick, Nate Kaeding, Shaun Phillips and Ryon Bingham while trading down from #1). Too bad the Cards haven't translated that into the nucleus of a SB level team 4 years later.

    1 - WR Larry Fitzgerald: One of the top WRs in the league

    2 - OLB Karlos Dansby: Big, athletic, productive, playmaker who was just given a big contract.

    3 - DT Darnell Dockett: One of the best interior pass rushers in the league, a fit at DT in a 4-3 and DE in a 3-4

    4 - C Alex Stepanovich: Started at center for his first three years, although got injured and didn't do enough to justify the Cards making him a contract offer. Still a good short term solution for a fourth rounder makes this agood pick.

    5 - DE Antonio Smith: A very capable player that has improved every season and this year had a career year with 43 tackles and 5.5 sacks. Still just 26 and entering his prime.

    6 - C Nick Leckey: The other center drafted by the Cards in '04 started 20 games over four years for the Cards and now plays for the Rams. A good choice for depth near the end of the draft.

    7 - QB John Navarre: the only real miss of the draft and even he stayed on the roster for three seasons and got some game time.
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    • San Diego Chargers

      Round 1, Pick 4: Philip Rivers, QB
      Grade: B+
      Very controversial pick, a lot of people are very high on Rivers, a lot are very low on him. Personally I love Rivers, I think he's tough and a fierce leader, which gets overlooked a lot. He had a dominant first season as a starter, and an average second one. Whether or not he ever reaches "elite" status is to be debated, but there's no question he's a leader and a starting QB in the NFL, which is why I think he deserves a B+, especially considering the trade.

      Round 2, Pick 35 Igor Olshansky, DE
      Grade: B+
      Igor is the prototypical 3-4 Defensive End, and plays with an intensity most players don't have. He runs his mouth a little bit, but lets not hide it, we're the Chargers, that stuff happens. Overall his production has been great and he's a key piece to the defense which has been strong and a big part of our success down the stretch.

      Round 3, Pick 65: Nate Kaeding, K
      Grade: B+
      Kaeding is automatic under 50 yards, and not bad from about the 52 yard mark. After that its up in the air, as leg strength is his most obvious weakness and his reputation in the playoffs. However, this year he played with a broken plant leg in the playoffs and still managed to rack up 4 field goals in a tough New England environment, as well as enjoying a lot of regular seaosn success.

      Round 3, Pick 66 Nick Hardwick, C
      Grade: A
      Taken in the third round, Hardwick has been a great Center, and one of the best in the NFL. He's a great blocker and a leader on the offensive line, to see how much, just look at the stretch where he wasn't active because of injury, and see how much blitz pickup suffered.

      Round 4, Pick 98: Shaun Phillips, OLB
      Grade: A
      I'm weary of giving an A+ which is why Phillips has just an A, but for a player taken in the routh round, Phillips has dominated, and been a key piece to our defense. He generates great pressure opposite Merriman, and always seems to be in the right place in the clutch. Excellent value, and an excellent player.

      Round 5, Pick 133: Dave Ball, DE
      Grade: F
      The first miss of this draft, Ball was off the roster by 2005

      Round 5, Pick 154: Michael Turner, RB
      Grade: A
      Michael Turner has been one of, if not the best backup RB in the NFL over the past two years. He helped spell LT and perserve his career, get him rest, etc., plus he put away Indy in 2005 in that memorable game to snap their unbeaten streak. Now off the roster, which is why I didn't give the A+, for a fifth rounder, Turner was a huge hit.

      Round 6, Pick 169: Ryan Krause, TE
      Grade: D
      He was on the roster for a bunch of years, always injured, but always seemed to shine in that last, irrelevant game of the year. Overall ended up getting cut, and had some off the field issues. The second bad pick of the draft.

      Round 7, Pick 204: Ryan Bingham, DE/DT
      Grade: B
      Bingham isn't a great, or even dominant backup, but when Jamal or one of the Defensive Ends goes down he does "good enough" to keep the chemistry of the defense flowing until the other players can get back out there. 7th rounder still on the roster as a backup is pretty solid.

      Round 7, Pick 209: Shane Olivea, OT
      Grade: B+
      Olivea was just released this year after starting to slow down a little bit, but while he was hear he completed one of the best O-Lines in recent memory in 2006. To find a starting RT at round 7 who can perform adequately is pretty impressive, making this a pretty good pick.

      Round 7, Pick 204: Carlos Joseph, OT
      Grade: F
      Never did anything

      UDFA: While these don't count, especially since Wes Welker ended up leaving since he didn't want the practice squad, AJ did pickup and spot Welker's talent, which is just kind of a fun fact.

      Overall: A
      This draft is where AJ Smith brokeout as a GM: Philip Rivers, Igor Olshansky, Nate Kaeding, Nick Hardwick, Shaun Phillips, Michael Turner, Ryan Bigham and Shane Olivea make a pretty nice draft class, especiall when you consider we also netted the picks that got us Shawne Merriman and Roman Oben for a couple years.


      • Originally posted by art vandelay View Post
        LOL, the Bills have more people from the Redskins' '03 Draft than they do. We have Dockery and Hamdan.
        Good, take em all.

        I don't want my Redskins being team Florida.


        • Originally posted by skinzzfan25 View Post
          Good, take em all.

          I don't want my Redskins being team Florida.
          I'll take Dockery every day. I think he only let up like 1.5 sacks last year and as you said is a great pulling guard. Hamdan looks good holding that clipboard:)


          • 1. Kellen Winslow
            GRADE: A
            -- After missing nearly all of his rookie season with a broken leg and the entire 2005 season following the motorcycle incident, the odds were definitely stacked against Kellen becoming anywhere close to the player he was in college. Thankfully enough for Browns fans, there may not be a player in the league with as much heart and determination as K2. Unfortunately, it's not likely he's going to last much longer in the league. As long as he can play though, he's going to keep busting his ass and performing at a high level.

            2. Sean Jones
            GRADE: B
            Jones tore his ACL during the preseason of '04 and then only saw limited action the following year. However, he seemingly came out of nowhere in '06 to earn a starting safety spot (beating out the favored Brodney Pool in the process). Jones put together a fantastic season, notching over 100 tackles, picking off 5 passes, and becoming an enforcer in the secondary. Another solid season in '07 has established Jones as a legit player.

            4. Luke McCown
            GRADE: D-
            After Jeff Garcia went down, McCown took over the starting job and looked extremely unimpressive. Granted, the team around him was equally as terrible, so whatever. He was traded to Tampa Bay the following April during the draft.

            5. Amon Gordon
            GRADE: F
            Played in a handful of games in '04 and was inactive for all of the '05 season before being released.

            6. Kirk Chambers
            GRADE: D-
            Actually appeared in several games between the '04 and '05 seasons. Of course he played terrible, though. Eventually released.

            7. Adimchinobe Echemandu
            GRADE: F
            He managed to stay on the roster for the year and saw limited action near the end of the season. That's really just a testament to just how pathetic that 2004 roster really was, though. I believe he was released following the year.

            OVERALL GRADE: B-
            The only players worth a damn obviously have been Winslow and Jones. Both remain key players for the team and are two of the extremely few players that remain from the Butch Davis era. Thankfully, this was the final draft under Davis.

            *Some of you people criticizing these overall grades need to fine tune your line of thinking. I've seen several "how can it be a B if you have all of those Fs?" type of responses. Are you serious? It's not hard to realize that if you come away with a good player with an early pick, it's greatly going to outweigh bad picks from the second day. If you have a game changer such as a Kellen Winslow or Braylon Edwards, you don't devalue those picks just because you missed on late round picks. You grade the draft as a whole, yes, but you have to take into account just who you got. It's really not that hard to understand.


            • Originally posted by Shockey+Manning=Shocking View Post
              1 25 25 William Joseph DT Miami
              2 24 56 Osi Umenyiora DE Troy St.
              3 27 91 Vishante Shiancoe TE Morgan St.
              4 26 123 Rod Babers DB Texas
              5 25 160 David Diehl G Illinois
              6 26 199 Willie Ponders WR SEMS
              6 34 207 Frank Walker DB Tuskegee
              6 38 211 David Tyree WR Syracuse
              7 26 240 Charles Drake DB Michigan
              7 35 249 Wayne Lucier C Colorado
              7 41 255 Kevin Walter WR E. Mich

              1. Bust
              2. Homerun
              3 Ok player, got over paid in FA
              4 Bust
              5 Great player, very versatile!
              6 Servicable player
              6 ok player. I liked him, but not alot of giants fans did
              6 Great special teamer, and wish he got more wr time, even before his big catch. Hopefully he can get a shot now.
              7 Bust
              7 Bust
              7 Bust
              Don't know how you can call Kevin Walter a bust. He caught 65 balls last year for 800 yards and 4 Td's for the Texans last year and was a 7th round pick.


              • Originally posted by JT Jag View Post
                He doesn't attempt to improve his technique. He still makes the same boneheaded mistakes now that he made during his rookie year (including repeatedly attempting to make one-handed receptions).
                Yeah, but that allowed him to get the "spectacular catch" weapon Madden. Man, some of the weapons they give people on that game are ridiculous.

                I am done arguing, until somebody says something stupid.


                • Originally posted by 757Dawg View Post

                  1. Braylon Edwards
                  GRADE: A+
                  -- After dealing with injuries and sub-par (and that's putting it lightly) QB play through his first two seasons, things finally clicked for Braylon in '07 as he developed into a top tier WR, more or less rewriting the Browns receiving records in the process.

                  2. Brodney Pool
                  GRADE: C
                  -- Pool was drafted at only 20 years of age, so he was still relatively raw coming into the league. His rookie season consisted mostly of special teams and spotty appearances in the secondary, which was to be expected. In '06, with Brian Russell still blocking a starting safety spot, Pool saw action all over the secondary, even notching a few starts at CB. After Russell left as a free agent following the season, most Browns fans felt Pool would breakout as he was now virtually guaranteed a starting role. Unfortunately, he put together an uneventful and mediocre '07 season and is yet to develop into the player we envisioned him becoming when he was selected with the second pick of the 2nd round.

                  3. Charlie Frye
                  GRADE: F
                  -- After taking over for Trent Dilfer in '05, Frye looked like your typical rookie QB, but he did show some promise and hopes were marginally high for his sophomore season in '06. That never happened as 2006 was one of the most forgetful years in Browns history. It was painfully obvious that Frye was not going to be the future as he failed to develop in any facet of the game. Somehow, someway he managed to "win" the starting job to start the '07 season only to replaced by Derek Anderson in the first game before the end of the first half. Charlie Frye was arguably the worst QB the Browns have had since '99 and that is saying a hell of a lot. Definition of an "F" player.

                  4. Antonio Perkins
                  GRADE: F
                  -- The selection of Perkins came as quite a surprise to Browns fans as there were still a handful of quality linemen on the board to start the 4th round. During his collegiate career, Perkins had developed into a dangerous return man and it was expected that would be his primary role with the Browns. That never happened as UDFA Josh Cribbs locked down the KR job while Dennis Northcutt maintained the PR spot. Perkins never saw the field in '05 and was only active for 5 games in '06 before he was released for good.

                  5. David McMillan
                  GRADE: D-
                  -- McMillan still remains on the roster, which is rather puzzling. What's more puzzling is the fact he never manages to see any kind of significant playing time. It seems that McMillan has a great training camp/preseason every year, but is never heard of after the regular season kicks off.

                  6A. Nick Speegle
                  GRADE: F
                  -- Speegle appeared in several games during his rookie season, but has not seen the field since. I don't even know/care if he's still on the roster to be honest.

                  6B. Andrew Hoffman
                  GRADE: F
                  Hoffman, or "Kegger" as he was most commonly referred to as (arrested for stealing a keg in college), came into the league as a defensive lineman who had experience in the 3-4 under Al Groh. However, he was soon moved to OG and has never seen the field in his career.

                  7. Jon Dunn
                  GRADE: F
                  After a very productive collegiate career at VT, I was personally ecstatic when Dunn fell to the Browns in the 7th round. Not to mention Dunn is the only person of any kind of fame to come out of my old high school. Unfortunately, I don't believe Dunn ever made it off the practice squad and was released following the season.

                  OVERALL GRADE: B
                  -- Although nearly every one of our 8 picks was a miss, the fact that Braylon Edwards has become easily a top 5 NFL WR and one of the most productive players in team history brings the grade from a very lowly "D-" or even an "F" to a "B." It's quite the jump for just one player, but you have to take into account just who that one player is. Plus, the book is still not closed on Brodney Pool. With a vastly improved DL in '08, the play of the LBs should benefit tremendously, which in turn will improve the play of the DBs. In which case, a top tier, star talent in Edwards and above average starter in Pool is more than enough for me to give this draft a "B" despite the fact the 3rd-7th rounds were a complete and utter wash.

                  First of all I know he wasnt drafted, but you have to include Joshua Cribbs. He was an undrafted FA pick-up for the Browns.

                  I think our draft grade after including Cribbs should be a C-.

                  "and one of the most productive players in team history brings the grade from a very lowly "D-" or even an "F" to a "B." "

                  Braylon is great, but did tie for #1 in the NFL this year for dropped passes with 12, one of them even cost us the Pittsburg game. Which in turn would have put us in the playoffs. And the Browns have had a pretty productive history so to say hes one of the most productive in his first season as a NON bust in pretty durastic. Lets just wait and see before we go there....
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                  • 1. Jeff Faine
                    GRADE: C
                    -- Faine was a decent player for us, but just didn't seem to fit well in the AFC North. His game is not suited for a power run offense, which we tried to instill. Going against the likes of Casey Hampton and the other big time DTs of the division didn't help either. He was eventually traded to New Orleans following the LeCharles Bentley signing where he became a very solid player. He just signed the largest contract ever for a center as well, so the guy's definitely a quality lineman. Just didn't work out well in Cleveland.

                    2. Chaun Thompson
                    GRADE: C
                    -- Thompson managed to stick around for 5 seasons and saw some extensive playing time along the way before being relegated to special teams in 2006. He has excellent physical qualities, but things never materialized for him in Cleveland. Now that he's in Houston and will be able to settle into a set role for a change, I expect he'll finally breakout.

                    3. Chris Crocker
                    GRADE: C
                    -- Crocker was actually a decent player for the Browns in the three seasons he was here. He was nothing special, but he played alright and started a lot of games in the secondary. He was eventually traded to Atlanta for a 4th round pick, so he didn't lose too much value in those three years.

                    4. Lee Suggs
                    GRADE: C-
                    -- As a VT fan, I was extremely excited when we were able to land Suggs on the second day. We had just drafted William Green in the 1st round the previous year and he was coming off a very nice rookie season, but there was just too much value in Suggs to pass up at that point. He didn't play until the end of the season in '04 as he was on the PUP list I believe, but capped it off with a monster finale against Cincinnati, which in turn eliminated them from the playoffs. He then missed several games with injury the next year, but still put up some quality numbers. That was pretty much it for Suggs as a Brown. He constantly battled injuries, namely turf toe, and just couldn't stay healthy.

                    5A. Ryan Pontbriand
                    GRADE: B
                    -- We actually drafted a long snapper. In the 5th round. At the time, it was considered one of the worst picks in draft history. Ironically, Pontbriand is the only player left from this class and made the Pro Bowl this past season. What was panned as a laughable pick became one of Butch Davis' best. Go figure.

                    5B. Michael Lehan
                    GRADE: C-
                    Another player who actually was relatively decent for the Browns given his draft spot. He stuck around for three years playing in several games during that stretch.

                    6. Antonio Garay
                    GRADE: F
                    Never even saw the field as a Brown.

                    OVERALL GRADE: D
                    Granted, a few decent players were drafted, but this was by all means a HORRIBLE draft. Other than Pontbriand, none of these players remained with the Browns for very long and all had limited impact. A very typical Butch Davis draft. Although it should be noted Leigh Bodden was picked up as a UDFA.


                    • I like Lee Suggs, too bad he couldnt stay healthy

                      Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


                      • Roddy White and Michael Boley we our stars. Nice to get 2 stars out of a draft. We got a couple of good role players as well. Pretty good draft.

                        "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


                        • 1. Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska C+
                          2. Stanford Routt, CB, Houston C+
                          3a. Andrew Walter, QB, Arizona State D
                          3b. Kirk Morrison, LB, San Diego State A-
                          6a. Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin F
                          6b. Ryan Riddle, LB, California F
                          6c. Pete McMahon, OT, Iowa F

                          Overall: Got a good starting MLB and 2 above average CB's

                          "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


                          • 1a. Nnamdi Asomugha, CB, California A+
                            1b. Tyler Brayton, DE, Colorado D
                            2. Teyo Johnson, TE, Stanford F
                            3a. Sam Williams, DE, Fresno State C-
                            3b. Justin Fargas, RB, USC C+
                            4. Shurron Pierson, LB, South Florida F
                            5. Doug Gabriel, WR, Central Florida D-
                            6. Dustin Rykert, T, BYU F
                            7a. Sideeq Shabazz, S, New Mexico State F
                            7b. Ryan Hoag, WR Gustavus Adolphus F

                            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


                            • 1. Robert Gallery, OT, Iowa D+
                              2. Jake Grove, C, Virginia Tech C-
                              3. Stuart Schweigert, S, Purdue C-
                              4. Carlos Francis, WR, Texas Tech D-
                              5. Johnnie Morant, WR, Syracuse F
                              6a. Shawn Johnson, DE, Delaware F
                              6b. Cody Spencer, LB, North Texas F
                              7a. Courtney Anderson, TE, San Jose State D-

                              "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


                              • 1 1 (1) Eli Manning Qb Ole Miss- A
                                Eli is our franchise Qb. Although it has taken him a couple of years to really get going- he is one of the primary reasons for our success this past season. He struggles sometimes and is somewhat inconsistent, but based on this past seasons playoffs, there is no reason to believe he will not be like that all the time.

                                2 2(34) Chris Snee SG BC- B+/A-
                                I was intially hesitant about Snee because he knocked up Coughlins daughter, which is why I thought there was a conflict of interest. But Snee has turned into a pro-bowl caliber guard.

                                4 1(97) Reggie Torbor OLB Auburn- C+/B-
                                Torbor is a very fast, speedy linebacker, that had trouble in his first couple of years getting a real mastery of the position. When he did play a couple of years ago, he seemed like nothing more than a backup. However this past year on our super bowl run he filled in fabulously for Kiwi. But who knows if that success can continue in Miami

                                5 4(136) Gibril Wilson S Tenneesee- B+
                                Wilson unfortunately left us because he wanted top dollars which we would not give him. He had a great rookie season but his 2nd and 3rd seasons in the league, i thought he had lost a step. But this past year he solidified himself, and also had to cover for mistakes by James Butler a lot so had double duty.

                                6 3(168) Jamaar Taylor WR Texas A & M- F

                                7 2(203) Andrew Strojny OT Duke- F

                                7 52(253) Compensatory Issac Hilton DT Hampton- F

                                Rounds 6 and 7 were a wash, but the first 4 players turned out to be quality/pro bowl type caliber starters

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